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From the Anhalter alone 9, left, in groups of 50 to at a time using trains. In contrast to other deportations using freight wagons, here the Jews were taken away in ordinary passenger coaches which were coupled up to regular trains departing according to the normal timetable. All deportations went to Theresienstadt and from there to the death camps. The station after the war.

Nearby is what had been one of the largest refuges in Berlin, the Anhalter Bahnhof bunker, completed in , with walls 2. Antony Beevor Berlin: In the station hall spanning two platforms with four tracks was rebuilt in its present plain style.

Heavily damaged during the war as shown here, train service at the station was resumed on 4 November , whilst the reconstruction of the hall continued until Beevor writes of "stories, mainly the product of German paranoia, that Ts were driven into railway tunnels to emerge behind their lines.

The only genuine case of an underground tank, however, appears to be that of an unfortunate T driver who failed to spot the entrance of the Alexanderplatz U-Bahn station and charged down the stairs. Stories of light artillery bumped down station stairs, step by step, and manhandled on to the tracks also owe more to folklore than to fact.

RuSHA's staff included many determined and industrious young men who either had medical or some other professional eligibility. The RuSHA began evicting landowners from their homes and settling Germans in their place in mid Possible candidates were screened and interviewed by "race experts and qualifications examiners. Next door had been where Goebbels as Gauleiter founded the weekly Nazi battle sheet Der Angriff in Also with offices here were the party house management of the Hitler Youth and the Gau-Rundfunkstelle broadcasting site.

It is in this paper that one can find the clearest exposition of where Nazism stood on the Weimar Republic. We go into the Reichstag in order to obtain the weapons of democracy We become Reichstag deputies in order to paralyze the Weimar mentality with its own help. The Oberbaum Bridge after the war, and today. In April the Wehrmacht blew up the middle section of the bridge in an attempt to stop the Red Army from crossing it.

After the war ended, Berlin was divided into four sectors. The Oberbaum Bridge crossed between the American and Soviet sectors. Until the mids, pedestrians, motor vehicles, and the city tramway were able to cross the bridge without difficulty.

Border crossing East German checkpoint at the Oberbaum Bridge. Crowds at Oberbaumbrücke after the breach of the Berlin Wall in November When the Berlin Wall was built in the bridge became part of East Berlin's border with West Berlin; as all the waters of the River Spree were in Friedrichshain, the East German fortifications extended to the shoreline on the Kreuzberg side. Beginning on December 21 , the Oberbaum Bridge was used as a pedestrian border crossing for West Berlin residents only.

After the opening of the Wall in , and German reunification the following year, the bridge was restored to its former appearance, albeit with a new steel middle section designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It opened to pedestrians and traffic on November 9 , the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall. Schloss Bellevue- The Presidential Palace. From Berlin in Bildern , published , and today. Hitler had used the building as the site for the museum of ethnography, before being renovated as a guest house for the Nazi government in In that year Paul Otto August Baumgarten transformed the guesthouse so that in the process the two entrances, which are now known as arched windows of the side elevation, were walled in and the present middle entrance with the free staircase was created.

It was the residence of actor, director and general director of the Prussian State Theatre, Gustaf Gründgens, until the end of the war. Professor Baumgartner had supervised the refurbishing of the facilities. Hitler displayed particular interest in the rooms assigned to foreign dignitaries. From the West German point of view, a seat of office was possible in spite of the four-power status of the city in accordance with Article 23 of the Basic Law.

From the time of its creation, only the ball hall designed by the architect Carl Gotthard Langhans remained in the upper floor of the castle. The renovation in the style of the s was mocked because of its ahistorical additions and conversions as a "mixture of film star sanatorium and ice cream parlor" and has for its part largely given way to numerous further renovations. The photo on the extreme right shows German First Lady Bettina Wulff apparently giving the Hitler salute from the steps.

Franc Rennicke, a member of the far right NPD party who made an unsuccessful bid to become president himself earlier in , sent the photo to prosecutors. Hitler inspecting a guard of honour shortly after assuming full power in and Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII, leaving the presidential palace on the right after meeting with Hitler in March The Heereswaffenmeisterschule dating at Treptower Park then and now.

The Metropole is all that remains at Nollendorfplatz. The theatre saw its most significant era from to when Erwin Piscator staged his revolutionary theatrical productions with state-of-the-art stage technology. Today, only the magnificent front building featuring the foyer areas remain; the actual stage construction with its rear and side stage areas as well as the wardrobes fell victim to the bombs.

One after the other, the building was used as a theatre, operetta stage, cinema, variety, discotheque and as a food and dance club. It was last renamed Goya and was used for gala-events before being closed in May During the Second World War Nollendorfplatz and its surrounding buildings suffered serious damage during the British and American air raids and the Battle of Berlin.

The destroyed buildings were replaced by new buildings without any overall concept, with the square itself expanded in the interests of traffic. There was also a relatively high number of places for lesbians.

It regularly featured then up-and-coming star Marlene Dietrich who would eventually leave Germany when the Nazis came to power. After Hitler's regime took control, all gay and lesbian bars and meeting places in Germany were closed. Despite the large numbr of homosexuals in its ranks, the Nazis enforced Paragraph of the Penal Code making it punishable just to glance at someone of the same sex too intensively.

Gay people lived in fear of being denounced by other people, and the police conducted raids, arrested gays, and sent them to concentration camps. Within a few weeks after the Nazis took over government in , fourteen of the best known gay establishments were closed. Der Spiegel and The Times on Line. Arch with stone carvings of helmeted stormtroopers whilst the encircled swastikas on the top left panel and the right surmounted by the Nazi eagle have been erased.

Wooden frieze carved into the side of the pulpit depicting Jesus standing next to a helmeted German soldier and Aryan women and children. Heavy Load Testing Body. The heavy load testing body was constructed to examine the weight-bearing capacity of the below the surface soil for the Nazis planned monumental structures, especially for the triumphal arch.

The Berlin Messe is an exhibition hall Goebbels had built in The swastikas returned in to accommodate Tom Cruise's movie Valkyrie. Amongst the 26 halls covering The Deutschlandhalle is an arena in the West-end neighbourhood of Berlin, inaugurated on 29 November by Adolf Hitler. It was built primarily for the Summer Olympics when the boxing, weightlifting and wrestling competitions took place here. Hitler spoke to 20, volunteers here at the opening rally of the Winterhilfswerk Winter Relief Project on October 5, Heavily damaged by air raids in , the Deutschlandhalle was rebuilt after World War II and since has served as a multi purpose arena and sports venue, in the last years primarily for ice hockey, but also for indoor soccer and again for boxing.

The interaction between leaders and people had secured that, particularly in times of anxiety, National Socialists could appeal to the people in order to receive from it their new marching orders. From Hitler's speech at the dedication of the Deutschlandhalle, 29th November, It was here that, on 19 February , test pilot Hanna Reitsch demonstrated the first indoor flight in the arena with a Focke-Wulf Fw 61 helicopter.

The photo on the right shows the model at the Deutsches Museum in Munich with swastika painted over. There, at a little before midnight on May 8, the Allied representatives gathered.

New surrender documents had been drawn up in Moscow and hurriedly brought there by Vyshinsky, the chief prosecutor at the Moscow trials in the s, who had become deputy minister for foreign affairs. Hours were spent trying to reconcile Soviet and Western versions. Keitel struggled to maintain his dignity. His face was blotchy and red, his hand shook. As he walked to the table to sign the surrender his monocle dropped from his eye and dangled by its cord. It seems that you are using "Adblock" or other software that blocks display of advertising.

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