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The stone circles do not exist in isolation. Where are the pottery shards?

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Just look at wiki to name the most relevant ones. The scientific method still shows the current dating of the Sphinx to clearly be incorrect and the vast majority of geologists outside of egyptology, which simply means anyone qualified enough without the obvious bias that egyptology will have on the topic, agrees with Scholcs findings.

Those that do not agree are a very small pocket. The article you have written has clearly demonstrated your inability to accept that academia is not always the truth. It's just what the establishment is telling us what they think the truth is at this moment in time. When a scientist offers an alternative, surely we should consider it without any judgement until it is completely and utterly disproved.

In Schoch's work we can see there is something that needs looking into. It may have some flaws in its wackiness but there are some leads. New discoveries are being found all over our planet and they are all pointing to the questions we need to ask about ancient knowledge and the civilisations that preceded ours.

We need to open the door and look inside not lock it up and disregard. I understand there is an establishment in place, fearful of the consequences resulting from a new order, but the truth has to be known.

When I saw the pilars at Gobekli Tepe and the hands I immediately saw the connection to the Moai and also the artifacts from the site that are in the Gobekli Tepe museum. I've nevver heard of Schoch, but there is definitely a similarity with these places that is very plain and clear to see.

And the theories about the Giza Pyramids and the age of the Sphinx is all very logical and credible and is alot more logical to see and believe than the Egyptology theory.

But science will never accept it because it will question the theory of evolution because despite the very clear objective evidence around the world of intelligent humans many thousands of years ago, it doesn't sit with Darwin's timeline of events. There was an ice age so maybe telescoped had been developed but the lenses were made from polished ice. It's just a theory that would explain why no lenses found but to be honest I think the oceans washed almost everything away.

There isn't enough dirt flying around the tiny island that would explain the amount of sediment that has built up to bury the moai. Carbon dating hasnt been done on the base of the newly dug out moai. Also a huge flaw with any type of carbon dating is that it does not date the stone. If I found an island with huge statues damn right I'd take credit for making them too!

Actually, geologists by and large have no problem with Schoch's theory of water erosion on the Sphinx. It wasn't accepted by Egyptologists, geologists will tell you it's fairly obvious, it's not even that difficult to identify, so the idea that it's still not given its due is a little mystifying.

And why do people have no problem accepting that Gobekli Tepe was built by hunter gatherers, but then scoff at the idea that hunter gatherer societies were not sophisticated enough to build any other great sites from antiquity? If they could build Gobekli Tepe then the sky was the limit so speak, to suggest that a base of such knowledge was simply forgotten for seven thousand years until the pyramids came along is a pretty big assumption.

The very presence of Gobekli Tepe ought to throw great doubt upon the theory that hunter gatherers were simple and unsophisticated, clearly that was not the case. The foundation of this level of knowledge could not have appeared completely out of nowhere, it represents a history, a legacy of sacred and profound information. Therefore logic would dictate that hunter gatherers, at least certain populations of them, were aware of this history of sacred knowledge.

It also offers a tantalizing and not illogical idea that civilization may have occurred at certain points in the ancient past. It is only the modern paradigm that says that ancient peoples were ignorant, the evidence of erosion on the Sphinx clearly demonstrates that whoever built it was highly sophisticated, and if that happens to coincide with a time of Hunter gatherers, then it suggests that the modern paradigm is now out of date.

In order for the Sphinx to be so heavily eroded it would have had to be built at least about 10 thousand years ago, but it may be even older, the evidence suggests the latter and not the former, don't forget that the particular region it sits in has been dry for thousands of years.

It's a case of evidence vs belief, time for evidence to matter again. Jean Piere Houdin described the errosion around the sphynx and how it occured during conventionally believed timelines quite well. Really worth a read. Love to see it. I'm not gonna say I'm well versed in any of this, because I'm not. But I have watched the debate Schoch was in, listened to what he had to say and what other people have had to say in rebuttal. So far what I see is that the only reason the sphinx date was set to what it is was because of one piece of graffiti on one stone of the sphinx.

So with the actual evidence of water erosion combined with the other couple things Schoch has put forth, it seems pretty clear the original date is wrong. Who knows if schoch has the right idea of when or how, but at the very least he's proven the original date was incorrect.

Also your article sounds super pretentious. Stop being a douche, redacting the sphinx isn't a personal attack on you. Quit being a little bitch. I greatly admire Dr. Schoch for his original creative thought. My questions are of Physics.

Would not sand blown by wind show eddies and currents similar to sand carried by flowing water? If so, couldn't such movement of air and sand have eroding effects similar to those of sand and flowing water?

One more thing, there is evidence of earlier development in Egypt, the problem is that a lot of it happens to be at or near the same site, the underground chamber at the great Pyramid, the Osirion, and of course the Sphinx itself.

And do not forget Nabta Plya forgive the spelling, it's late , evidence of sophisticated astronomical alignments shown in those formations seem to suggest that the ancient Egyptians spent thousands of years learning new ways to express this sacred science. It's fascinating how the knowledge appears to predate civilization, and that could mean that hunter gatherers invented this knowledge, or inherited it from an even more ancient civilization, one far beyond even the most extreme suggestions of Schoch.

He's really quite conservative in his analysis, John Anthony West goes much further back, but not beyond what the ancient Egyptians said of themselves.

The evidence to support a significant 'hole' in our understanding of ancient history is, thanks to the likes of Robert Schoch, Christopher Dunn and others quite overwhelming.

I find it quite astonishing when there is unequivocal evidence that construction of many of the megaliths, the great Pyramids in particular, granite boxes in the Serapium and many more examples demonstrate a skill completely impossible even 50 years ago and in some cases possibly beyond modern facilities.

This being the obvious case then there is a problem with our understanding of some distant historical periods and a new consideration of the ancient past needs to be open minded and take into account many of the 'coincidental' similarities and artefacts from around the world.

Why there seems to be such a reluctance for established ideas and those who hold them to admit the current 'theories' have problems is crazy, for example why do we still hear that the great pyramid was a tomb with a King and Queens chamber, when clearly whatever the pyramid was designed and constructed for it wasn't a tomb.

For example does it look like a tomb or any other confirmed tomb? Was a mummy ever found in there, are there any wall paintings or similar or unequivocal records of its construction as a tomb? Does it make sense as a tomb etc etc?

I wish the establishment would simply admit the problem, speak to engineers in regard to skill levels needed both from a design, mathematics, measurement and construction and project management to achieve some of these things and then reconsider what we are being told our hunter gathers were really capable of. Grim Black Man - where does John mention anything about aliens?

It looks like you are grasping the thorns of Hawass style Egyptology a little too tightly. John seems right to me. Above is an example that shows a single man using basic concepts to move large objects. No one questions the legitimacy of the great societies such as Rome. If you also remember from history class, the fall of Rome is a prime example of sophisticated technology being lost. Human history shows a cycle of upward and downward cycles of knowledge.

To think that humans today are more sophisticated and capable than other civilizations is ridiculous. If anything, they were more brilliant to be capable of such feets with less available resources ie. Your comment about theories also show the lack of basic understanding about science.

Theories in science are highly supported through research and evidence to support it. There is definitely always going to be differing opinions, but some "opinions" have more weight than others which is why it is important for scientists to show evidence. Well said that man complete denial is I think the term your looking for they won't budge thought they will keep the bs rolling till there's nobody's listening.

Schoch is much better qualified than you are to begin with, he is not an undergrad. So you're writing up a page long blog article on a scientific study without using any reference? It clearly shows that your academic expertise is lacking, to say the least particularly in geology maybe? On top of it all, you clearly seem to have an agenda: You criticize scientists for being unscientific but you work isn't even is up to undergraduate standards. Your opinion you will matter little in those debates, because you completely lack expertise, your arguments have no weight.

In any case, Geology will always be a much more reliable science than egyptology can ever be. Geologists do agree with Dr. Schoch for the most part, except for sceptics, not able to let go of their belief in the current egyptological paradigm. The evidence is undeniable, Dr Schoch dating of the sphinx raises questions which seem to superseed both your archaeoogical and geological expertise, after what could we expect from a journalist?

The island was deforested during the construction of the moia which lead to the collapse of their society. Many areas today like Madagascar have lost so much top soil due to soil erosion and deforestation that astronauts today say that it looks like madagascar is bleeding red because all the top soil is washing off into the ocean.

Tons upon tons of top soil and Fertilizer actually have to be brought in to certain areas to allow for farming. Soil erosion at Easter island should have washed the heads into the ocean along with all of its top soil along time ago, not bury them up to their shoulders.

Problem here is that archeologist don't want to admit that all of their research was false, and the moai are a lot older than they originally concluded. Ironically it seems by the way "it seems" is quite a common phrase used by Mr. Schoch makes very large attempts to dismiss major findings from other educated scholars with degrees without citing much evidence.

His commentary lacks specific details for people to identify what he is referring to, he speaks in very general terms and he doesn't photograph his evidence to prove his point. When dismissing archeological findings or making points, a scientist should track his evidence through archeology and be specific so his peers can go to those sites and make their own observations and perform their tests.

The last phase of basic scientific method indicates that your experiment should be repeatable. He rarely gives an avenue for peers to follow-up on his claims. His degree means nothing more than a piece of paper unless he actually lives up to the principles of his study which so far it seems Mr.

Schoch is more interested in what he and his supporters think. Dr Schoch represents the views of a growing proportion of intelligent people who have realised that there are huge flaws and downright lies in a lot of what we are taught. From vimanas to tectites to megalithic structures to forbidden archaeological discoveries it is now clear that there was an ancient global high civilisation that was destroyed by a cosmically caused global catastrophe causing mass extinctions which pushed us back to a semi-primitive state.

By the way our education,media,economic institutions and system and politicians are owned and controlled by a psycopathic elite whose desire and intent is to keep us in ignorance You know soil erosion means that the soil is washed away into rivers and the sea right?

As for the so-called mason marks 'found' in the Great Pyramid by Howard Vyse it is now known to be faked by the man himself firstly because he screwed up and used the wrong cartouche, secndly because he was actually seen entering the pyramid with paint and brush the night before the discovery of the marks which somehow had not been spotted the day before and thirdly because two german university students snuck in and scraped off some of the paint and by chemical analysis proved it was from the nineteenth century.

Go do some homework and wise up Jason Colavito is a proven idiot who has no right to sound off his ignorance in the face of a serious researcher such as Schoch. The quarry for the granite heads is meters below the current sea level meaning they are circa years old. The reason the statues are so buried is because of deforestation, the situation of soil 'sliding' I don't remember the technical term is well documented and is nothing short of a natural disaster.

I actually never saw the much-older Sphinx hypothesis to be that far out of the reasonable. It's true that the head is very oddly proportioned. The concept of it being a modified much earlier monument doesn't seem that crazy, however the idea it was carved by anyone other than simple hunter gatherers just starting to learn how to settle is too far fetched-- no way was there some massive lost civilisation preceding Egypt.

There'd be evidence for that. But a simple stone statue with a lion's head? That doesn't seem mad to me.

I am very surprised how far this man goes down the Ancient Aliens rabbit hole; previously I thought him to be a bit controversial, but not this whacky. I remember watching him dismiss those so-called lost cities under the water off the coast of Japan, so I thought he had some credibility. Rather than make assumptions about the intellect of humans from previous civilizations please give examples.

The other pyramids were attempts to copy them Nothing from our past should baffle us. After all is said and done we're supposedly the pineacle of evolution, our civilization is the best that's ever existed on the face of the Earth.

We spacecraft, jet planes and smart phones, yet despite all this still we argue over the ruins of our own past. They confuse us and are enigmatic at best. There has to be a reason, it isn't made up. There are definitely questions and the reason for this is simple, no one with any common sense can swallow the BS that the establishment is dishing.

There is this individual named Frederich Moss who created a scale, which rates the hardness level of natural materials.

Copper cannot be used to chisel granite, basalt or diorite, maybe limestone, but that's it. Copper cannot drill into granite, even when using sand as an abreassive.

Any engineer will tell you this without any reservation. This is only one of the many impassible problems one would encounter when you begin to peel of the layers upon layers of baffling issues that come up when hunter gatherers or the next best thing are given credit for building the mega structures all over the world.

Certainly they are neither architects or structural engineers and even these more qualified people would have trouble dealing with the challenges these structures present. I'm not an ancient aliens theorist, I don't know if I can completely get behind the whole super advanced ancient civilization theory either, but the truth is that no one has conclusively answered anything and the mystery still baffles us.

It's a three hundred forty ton rock sitting on two concrete rails. The documentary is about how the stone was transported from the quarry to its final resting place. It took two specialized rigs, a bunch of equipment and a specific route so the weight would not damage the roads. Think about that when you consider that the Egyptians left a twelve hundred ton obelisk in the quarry, because it cracked, if it hadn't they would have used it.

Why were they working with such huge stones if this is difficult for us now? Why do certain people live in large mansions when they are one person and don't need a mansion to survive? No one will ever be absolutely conclusive because we don't have a time machine to actually see what actually occurred, but their is strong evidence to predict how things happened and that's what one needs to work off of.

Might as well just conclude that it was Aliens. We are the "aliens" who have flying space crafts and are performing unbelievable feats today and we have been doing so hundreds of thousands of years go as well.

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