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The road can be broken down into 3 main setions: The surface here is superb. It's about 9km and an absolute blinder of a stretch. I'd rate this section among my favourite bits, very similar to the Grein road near Linz and the Gorge d'l'Arly near Albertville. The first 2km through the gorge has been recently resurfaced and repaired. Only a little patchiogn and overbanding, nothing to worry about.

Mühlbach - Maria Alm: A mixture of medium radius sweepers with real twisies with one or two easy hairpins. The scenery is thick woodland and alpine meadows "The hills are alive Maria Alm - Saalfelden: Lined with villages and holds no real surprises, not terribly exciting This route also has the advantage of avoiding most of Bischofshofen, which is always a Good Thing.

Don't be put off by thinking the main road will be faster - I did the 46km I admit I wasn't hanging around though in 33 minutes, including stopping for a few piccies. To make the best of this road, you should ride the Bischofshofen end, then turn left at Dienten and take the road down to Eschenau on the B It's twisty but a bit bumpy in patches - not enough to ruin the fun. If you're coming to or from the Grossglockner then this is the route to take. B Golling - Lammertal - Abtenau N47?

This starts near Golling and the motorway and runs through a particularly narrow gorge above the river. Gradually getting lower, wider and a bit less twisty it joins the Pass Gschütt road at Abtenau.

B Zell am Ziller - Mittersill It might be free, but it's very bumpy and really no fun whatsoever. Buses and slow tourist trafic here on the weekends but you should have no trouble blowing them into the weeds. The road has also been recently resurface, turning the previously bumpy, concrete plateau into a section of fast sweepers, the whole road having corners with good visibility and the perfect radius to crank it over and keep it there Watch out for cows!

B Bruck - Grossglockner - Heiligenblut And they do NOT take credit-cards. But well worth the trip once. It IS a long road. The steeper north side had many cobble-stone hairpins but these have been all widened and resurfaced now, but the south side is faster, finished by a relatively straight-forward stretch to Heiligenblut.

While you're up there, take the turn-off to the Pasterze glacier, Austria's largest and wonder at the dirty-grey colour,and try and spot the top of the Grossglickner, Austria's highest mountain.. It's pretty high m. Used mostly by motorbikes and locals and cows. Zeitumstellung — ein Ja zur MEZ. Gegen Nazis — jede Geste zählt.

Wohin mit der Kraft Hier können Sie Ihren Leserbrief bequem, schnell und einfach online verfassen. Aktuelle Termine und Veranstaltungen im Landkreis Uelzen. Traumjob oder den neuen Mitarbeiter finden? Jetzt das Sommerabo buchen und Prämien sichern. Sie werden es lieben: Wetter in Rosche Rosche - Schon wieder ein Vorfall: Bau der drei Schlammbecken geht zügig voran bs Rosche.

Abschied vom Abschied Stöcken. Es war eine emotionale Feierstunde:

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