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It is far from clear how long the cease-fire will last, and whether it will morph into stable peace; still this pause provides a chance to review policies and strategies of the sides. Scammer artists know the rules of our marriage agencies and will most likely use free dating websites to perform their scams.

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The chances for total war were high, as the steely wills of America and Eurasia had crossed in the Eastern Mediterranean. The turmoil in the US, from the mad car chase in the DC to the shutdown of federal government and possible debt default, are the direct consequences of this event. Sidewalks brim with tables and merry customers, even traffic jams are less severe due to holiday season.

The French Spring By Israel Shamir This year, spring in France is unusually cold and rainy, following on the heels of a frosty and long winter. Only the last Sunday was different: The French were cheered up after the long, hibernal gloom and went out to the streets to protest — ostensibly, against the new gay marriage and adoption bill that the government is trying to push through Parliament despite popular rejection, but verily against the neoliberal policies of their new government. He crossed the biggest chasm there is.

Imagine a white boy from Philly, picking cotton and living with blacks in a cabin on a Mississippi plantation in the days of Jim Crow.

No Freedom Rider went that far. He broke an important taboo: By his example he refuted this fantasy. He renounced apartheid personally by living with Palestinians. By Israel Shamir Who said the filthy rich are good for nothing? Their antics are very entertaining! The Nouveau Riche have always been notorious headline-providers, and the newest crop of Russian oligarchs make the robber barons of previous generations look timid and colorless. On December 30, , just before the New Year celebrations, his speedboat was detained after hot pursuit and a few warning machine-gun salvos by the Cambodian Royal Navy, and towed to a naval base.

Polonsky was arrested and taken into police custody. Des oligarques se castagnent en direct! At recent press conference, no less than eight different Russian journalists badgered President Putin on this one topic, each offering little more than loaded insinuations disguised as questions. Return is possible, and it is not even painful. The palace, once a royal summer residence built and frequented by the last Russian Tsar, stands on a rather steep slope amidst a spacious park that descends to the Black Sea far below, and the road is scary.

Une perspective depuis le palais Livadia Read in Russian: If once, the Pope would send Crusaders upon a crusade, now it is done by Mr. Shamir made the remarks in a recent interview with the Tehran Times. A View over Bosporus By Israel Shamir The heavy loaded cargo boats, passenger liners, cruise ships and plentiful ferries packed with tourists steam by the Maiden Tower.

It was the biggest city on earth a millennium ago, and it is still vast. Vue sur le Bosphore Read in Turkish: Julian Assange Mossad Agent! By Israel Shamir Iran is a great country for kebab; their pretty if well-covered girls are fine; but sense of humour is just not their forte.

Their state media repeatedly broadcasted items lifted from the Onion, a satirical magazine taking them for literal truth. Oy, it would be better to stick to the Onion. Julian Assange agent Mossadu! Assange agent du Mossad!

Oignon cru en Iran Turks, Cease Fire! Banderillas of mujaheeds stick out of his broken hide. The public, the Europeans, the Americans, the Gulf rulers call: And the Turkish matador steps forward, pulling out his sword.

His cannons rain death on Syrian slopes; fire and lead storm consumes the hills. Erdogan is preparing to deal last blow to his exhausted neighbour. Cessez le feu, les Turcs! Les Pussies Riot contre Poutine: The rice paddies on the low hill slopes are flooded, forests that hide old temples are almost impassable, rough seas deter swimmers. Cambodia is not crowded, and Cambodians are not greedy, but rather peaceful and relaxed.

But what are they? A mysterious woman in Moscow - is she an agent or a liar? Somalisation By Israel Shamir The new and sensational information we received: Israelis prefer the Somalisation of Syria, its break-up and the elimination of its army, as this will allow them to tackle Iran unopposed. This is implied in a secret file recently leaked by a person s apparently close to the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This is main thesis of a new book by Kerry Bolton trying to prove that feminism, communism, orange revolutions, gay movement and sundry forms of dissent are all sponsored by the oligarchs, Soros or Rockefeller. Indeed, an American citizen, born in Jordan, who never tread on the land of Palestine, decided to ostracize Gilad Atzmon, a native Palestinian, born and bred on its soil — a silly idea! Next step, he will forbid earthquakes and hurricanes to occur. The presidential election in Russia ran its course, Putin was duly elected, and to the great astonishment of the opposition, multimillion crowds demanding the blood of the tyrant did not materialize.

High oil prices have brought prosperity and crisis is forgotten. Even those old sufferers, the armed forces, have got a big hike in pay.

They out-Putined Putin in no time. This was a great surprise for the people of Moscow. Nobody predicted Putin will wake up the sleeping beast of popular feelings. There is a huge untapped potential of Russia-First feeling, connected with resentment against Western imperialist policies But their presentation of Navalny as a "new Hitler" is far-fetched.

Blue-eyed, good-looking, a dash of the racist, yes, but not an especially silver-tongued one. Navalny tried to talk to the demonstrators in December but was catcalled more than once. His manner was too rude, as if he were talking to a street gang. Even more odd, when asked for a model state Russia should follow, Navalny said, "Singapore.

As fond as I am of Singapore street cooking, I can't imagine a less suitable model for a vast multinational ex-empire than the tiny Chinese polis. Wondering about the Wandering Who Israel Shamir about the new book by Gilad Atzmon Gilad Atzmon is larger than life; no delicate and sensitive artistic soul, he is rather a living volcano, a titan with a Rabelaisian sense of humor and enough energy to power a city.

Nights, you will find him entertaining his fans in every corner of the globe with his masterful saxophone playing Instead, it is wet and dark. The sun gets up late and goes to sleep early. To make matters worse, President Medvedev decided to keep Russia on daylight savings time throughout winter. To offset this stupid decision, Christmas illumination was turned on a month before the usual time, in order to cheer up the voters.

Now it lights the way for the armoured vans of the riot police sent in to pacify the cheery electorate. Lo que significan las elecciones rusas Read in French: The predictions were dire: However things went smoothly. It should serve as a wakeup call to the Putin administration: This is the case with a petty cheat and thief called James Ball. This young man was a hired hand in the Wikileaks; he was offered a bribe of a job by the Guardian and he gratefully accepted it, betraying Julian Assange's trust and stealing all he could put his sweaty hands on.

Since then, he is obsessed with demeaning and debunking Assange: Unmanning the Man By Israel Shamir The defeat of Julian Assange is a defeat for all the men, and a defeat for mankind, promising a bleak future — unless we shall do something about it.

It is not only our freedom but our manhood is at stake. Neoliberal policies have undermined the toughest folk on earth, hard-working, prudent, obedient, stiff-upper-lipped red-faced Brits, the people who managed India, burned down the White House and withstood Hitler.

Their backbone — Yorkshire miners and Sheffield steel workers — was broken by their Golders Green grocer-at-large, a. She folded down the industries, and turned the Isles into a Tortuga-like pirate paradise, a place for financiers to relax, unwind and plan their raids. It will not solve the problems of refugees, of separation between the West Bank and Gaza, of discrimination within Israel proper. The massacre was essentially a publicity stunt. Le massacre du vendredi Slavoj Zizek et la Flottille pour Gaza Why Palestine is Important By Israel Shamir Palestine is important not because it is as beautiful as Tuscany, nor because the Palestinians are suffering, and not even because it is occupied by a Jewish state.

The Jews have been handed Palestine not because they were so smart or so strong or so devoted, but by Imperial design. I think he is much better. He is a better thinker, and a bolder one - Mohamed Omar Here are two google-translated reports about an Israel Shamir's talk in Uppsala.

The talk was based on Why Palestine is Important http: Spanish translation by the prisoner of conscience Pedro Varela: An interview to Israel Adam Shamir on http: Unredacted Guantanamo files show clearly that the trail to Abbottabad was known to the US intelligence services at least since , when al-Libi, another Abbottabad dweller, was captured. Recoupement avec les fichiers Gitmo Read in Spanish: Le crime de guerre libyen Read in Spanish: Crimen de guerra en Libia Read in Swedish: But which way will it go?

Will the regime promote another pro-Western party while blocking the Left, the Orthodox and the nationalists? Or will the pro-native opposition finally sort through its problems, rescue Rogozin from his Brussels retreat and seriously try to win Russia? Presagios de tormenta Read in Russian: The Russians are flatly against it, with no ifs, ands or buts.

Los rusos se lo piensan dos veces Read in French: Interview Libya Speaking with Will Yakowicz Modern journalism is more akin to warfare than a search for truth. I recently received a letter from the young American journalist Will Yakowicz. He wrote that speaking with me and creating my literary portrait would be like a dream come true for him.

Will flew from New York to Moscow and we had our interview; I answered all his questions even though they became increasingly combative as the interview progressed. In order to avoid any possible misinterpretations, I am publishing the entire unedited conversation.

Meanwhile the Swedish police papers pertaining to Assange case have been leaked — and there are some shocking revelations. The Art of Cable Cooking By Israel Shamir The latest chapter in the quest for open government finds our embattled knight holed up within the grey brick Georgian walls of Ellingham Hall while the dark forces outside attempt a disorderly checkmate.

Cuba in the WikiLeaks Mirror: An Obsession By Israel Shamir Hundreds of thousands of US State Department documents, in the form of cables from hundreds of embassies and consulates around the world, give us an in-depth picture of American interests and activities such as never before seen. Yet as we peruse cables that chronicle the changing faces of US diplomacy, there is one constant: Cuba en el espejo de Wikileaks Read in French: The Guardian edits and distorts the cables!

This is not a conjecture but a fact: The Guardian has deliberately excised portions of published cables to hide evidence of corruption. Read what was censured Read in Spanish: El Guardian de Londres censura y deforma los cables revelados por Wikileaks! The outcome of the election was in little doubt. The people were happy, fully employed, and satisfied with their government. They were well aware of what had happened when neighboring countries had embraced the IMF, and they felt no ideological need to tread that same dark road.

Some people, however, are more motivated by dollars than patriotism, and these are the people I was expecting. They protested in Iran after the election victory of Ahmadinejad. They protested in Palestine when Hamas was voted into power. They actually overturned the vote in nearby Ukraine in , and the orange gangs succeeded in stealing the presidency for five long years. If they cannot convince the people with Western dollars, then they simply riot and try to take it by force.

Las elecciones de Bielorrusia en el espejo de Wikileaks Read in Polish: Shall we expect to see in the Guardian a screaming headline like: Segunda parte, los secretos de Wikileaks Read in Portuguese: In this new installment of Wiki-Matrix, the intrepid Julian Assange assaults the Empire while being pursued by ravenous Pentagon generals, shadowy CIA agents and overheated Swedish feminists. A bord du Vaisseau Cablegate Turkey and Russia: Asedio a Assange Wikileaks: Not only from Pentagon hacks, but also from "friends" we would expect to back them rather than knife them in the back.

Enough of boring stuff of Afghan stiffs and Pentagon staffs! Not a minute too early, when we were about to succumb to boredom of approaching rainy autumn, we were hit by the new release of …. After this touching meeting, she wrote to her list: I can hardly believe this moment!! Israel Shamir has written about me and lifted my spirits when I was most down. Even from faraway Israel, he understood my plight and dared give voice to the truth.

They say that sometimes distance gives clarity--and certainly in Israel's case, in observing my serial targeting, he saw what many inside the United States could not see. Despite his writings, I never met him until this moment, just a few minutes ago!! We are speaking together this afternoon in Ankara, Turkey.

I will bring these contacts from around the world that I have made on behalf of peace, home to the United States so that we can more easily achieve our objectives for justice and peace and dignity in the area of policy where we and the world need it the most. We are a part of something much bigger than us individually, and our moment is now. I add to it now what I wrote about Cynthia a few years ago: Michael Jones If there were ever a sign of contradiction for the age of irenic interreligious dialogue inaugurated by the Second Vatican Council, it is Israel Shamir.

Paul, Shamir has become a latter day apostle to the Gentiles and a reproach to all those who would ignore the warning of the Gospels and urge upon Christians a quasi-Masonic brotherhood with their enemies which leads to their mental evisceration and moral ruin.

They did not know what they were doing when they flooded the markets with their cheap credit, or sold swaps or marketed derivatives. Alternatively, it is argued that they were so greedy that did not understand their long-term interests and ruined everything.

But the bankers and the financial elite are not stupid, neither are they short-sighted. I believe that things happen because people intend them to happen, unless there are very strong proofs to the contrary. I believe that unless we do something pretty drastic, they will emerge out of this crisis even more rich, more powerful and in fuller control of our lives.

Instead of charging taxpayers, turn the US into billionaire-free zone. The billionaires, these greediest rats, gained most from the Great Pyramid; pauperise them.

By Israel Shamir I gave this talk at a conference in delightful Havana. After a long-time-no-see, the place looks much better, many houses and roads are fixed; drugs and prostitutes are not visible, there are newer cars, but the old charm remains. Even in dilapidated areas one finds none of the despair, violence and despondency one meets in, say, the South Bronx. Be not despondent -- you are not the last dugout of resistance to the Imperial rule, soon to be swept away, anymore.

The tide of world history now turns, and we are ready for a counter-attack. People who oppose the Neo-Liberal Empire feel that they are not the last bison on the prairie, we are rather the victorious army of tomorrow.

Antisemitism does not exist. This interview was given to the leading radical left-wing magazine of Sweden, FiB, some time ago, and here I offer easy answers to usual questions. Israel Shamir mot väggen Read in Spanish: His explanation of myth and demonisation is particularly poignant.

After a while, the blinded and infuriated animal rushes headlong in a mad sprint and soon finds its death in the bottomless moors. The Jews developed the same style of attack. It is never a single voice arguing the case, but always a mass attack from the left and the right, from below and above, until the attacked one is beaten and broken and crawls away in disgrace.

Carter et l'essaim de moucherons Read in Spanish: Carter y el enjambre Read in German: Carter und der Schwarm Read in Czech: Latifa 26 Russland LAF Englisch 4 Deutsch 2 Partner: Anna 29 Russland ANW Yana 30 Ukraine YAV Kristine 31 Armenien KRM Englisch 5 Deutsch 2 Partner: Helen 31 Ukraine EZW Olga 32 Russland ODK Anna 32 Ukraine AQQ Englisch 6 Spanisch 1 Partner: Anastasiia 33 Russland AUS Englisch 4 Französisch 1 Italienisch 1 Partner: Tatyana 37 Ukraine TXC Tatyana 39 Russland TAZ Englisch 4 Deutsch 6 Partner: Dina 40 Kasachstan DIL Evgenia 42 Kasachstan EVG Elena 42 Ukraine ELS Tanita 43 Deutschland TJP Natalia 44 Ukraine NJB Vika 44 Ukraine VIL Anna 44 Russland ANK Deutsch 3 Italienisch 2 Partner: Olga 44 Russland OIR Englisch 6 Französisch 2 Partner: Natalia 45 Deutschland NVQ Englisch 1 Deutsch 5 Partner: Lada 45 Russland LAQ Englisch 3 Italienisch 5 Spanisch 1 Partner: Larisa 45 Russland LAB Svetlana 46 Ukraine SVA Englisch 3 Französisch 1 Partner: Vlada 49 Russland VLZ Viktoriya 52 Russland VIZ Olga 52 Russland OLD Svetlana 56 Ukraine SVT Natalia 57 Russland NAH Englisch 2 Deutsch 5 Partner: Englisch 5 Deutsch 2 Italienisch 4 Partner: Aleksandra 27 Russland ALP Irina 28 Russland IRS Xeniia 29 Russland XEC Katerina 29 Russland KAX Gulnaz 29 Kasachstan GUW Uliana 29 Russland ULV Englisch 4 Deutsch 2 Italienisch 1 Spanisch 1 Partner: Zamira 30 Kasachstan ZAM Englisch 4 Spanisch 1 Partner: Lena 34 Russland LEB Englisch 3 Spanisch 3 Partner: Larisa 34 Ukraine LAU Englisch 2 Französisch 3 Partner: Janina 34 Russland JAP Englisch 6 Italienisch 2 Partner: Iryna 34 Ukraine IRK Englisch 4 Deutsch 2 Italienisch 1 Partner: Englisch 1 Deutsch 3 Partner: Masha 35 Ukraine MAB Alena 36 Ukraine ALG Karina 37 Ukraine KAF Englisch 2 Deutsch 2 Partner: Sorjana 37 Polen SOL Englisch 5 Deutsch 6 Partner: Elena 38 Russland ELD Englisch 3 Italienisch 2 Partner: Shoghik 38 Armenien SHA Englisch 3 Deutsch 1 Italienisch 1 Spanisch 1 Partner: Irina 38 Russland IRT Elena 38 Russland ELH Englisch 2 Deutsch 4 Italienisch 3 Partner: Ekaterina 39 Russland EKL Englisch 1 Deutsch 2 Partner: Irina 39 Russland IRG Rania 39 Russland RAG Svetlana 40 Ukraine SVM Olga 40 Russland OLB Olya 40 Russland OLW Englisch 4 Deutsch 1 Französisch 1 Spanisch 1 Partner: Irina 41 Ukraine IRF Elena 42 Deutschland ELT Svetlana 43 Deutschland SVY Evgeniya 43 Ukraine EVS Anna 44 Ukraine ANO Oksana 44 Ukraine OKG Lana 44 Deutschland LAB

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