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Ce modem prend en charge uniquement des cartes microSD. Pour obtenir de l'aide: Vous l'appareil et le PC. De handleiding wordt uitgegeven door ZTE Corporation. Wij behouden ons het recht voor om zonder kennisgeving vooraf wijzigingen aan te brengen bij drukfouten of specificaties bij te werken. De modem ondersteunt gegevensoverdracht en sms-diensten via het mobiele telefoonnetwerk, zodat u overal en altijd over communicatiemogelijkheden beschikt.

Informatie over uw apparaat In de volgende afbeelding wordt de MFM weergegeven. Deze afbeelding dient uitsluitend ter refer- entie. Het feitelijke product kan hiervan afwijken. Indicatielampje Status indicatielampje Beschrijving Rood Ingeschakeld maar niet aangemeld. Hardware-installatie Open de voorklep en verwijder deze van de modem. Open de voorklep voorzichtig om te voorkomen dat de voorklep beschadigd raakt. Plaats de simkaart in de simkaartsleuf. Plaats de microSD-kaart in de microSD-sleuf.

Deze modem is uitsluitend geschikt voor een microSD-kaart. Plaats de voorklep terug en klik de klep vast. Sluit de modem aan op uw laptop of desktop-pc. Plaats de usb-connector in de usb-poort van uw computer. Let op dat de connector stevig is aangesloten. De nieuwe hardware wordt automatisch herkend door het besturingssysteem, waarna de installatiewiz- ard wordt gestart. Neem indien nodig contact op met de fabrikant van het elektronische apparaat voordat u de modem gebruikt.

Neem de waarschuwingssignalen in acht en schakel de modem in deze omstandigheden uit. Houd de modem droog en bewaar hem op een koele plaats.

Published programs largely conformed to the API except for games, which routinely engaged with the hardware for greater speed, and thus required a particular Acorn model. With the exception of a tank game, Bolo , few became popular, in no small measure due to the limited number of machines aggregated in one place.

A relatively late but well documented example can be found in a dissertation based on a ringed RS interconnect. In line with its ethos of expandability Acorn produced its own range of peripherals for the BBC Micro, including:. Other manufactures such as Torch Computers also produced an abundance of add-on hardware, some the most common being:. Advanced programs could be written without resorting to non-structured programming or machine code necessary with many competing computers.

It also supported high-resolution graphics, four-channel sound, pointer-based memory access borrowed from BCPL and rudimentary macro assembly. Long variable names were accepted and distinguished completely, not just by the first two characters. Other languages were supplied on tape or disk based. Although the Archimedes ultimately was not a major success, the ARM family of processors has become the dominant processor architecture in mobile embedded consumer devices, particularly mobile telephones.

There was to be an exhibition about the computer and its legacy during Long after the "venerable old Beeb" [55] was superseded, additional hardware and software has been developed. There are also a number of websites still supporting both hardware and software development for the BBC micros and Acorn in general. These varied between 20 and column text suitable for a domestic TV, to column text best viewed with a high-quality RGB-connected monitor The column mode was often too blurred to view when using a domestic TV via the UHF output.

The variety of modes offered applications a flexible compromise between colour depth, resolution and memory economy. Mode 7 was a Teletext mode, extremely economical on memory and an original requirement due to the BBC's own use of broadcast teletext Ceefax.

It also made the computer useful as a Prestel terminal. The teletext characters were generated on board, for use with monitors and TV sets without a Teletext receiver. The palette could be freely reprogrammed without touching display memory. Modes 3 and 6 were special text-only modes that used less RAM by reducing the number of text rows and inserting blank scan lines below each row. Mode 6 was the smallest, allocating 8 KB as video memory.

Modes 0 to 6 could show diacritics and other user defined characters. This feature was requested by setting bit 7 of the mode variable, i. The speech system was standard on the US model where it had an American vocabulary.

Elsewhere it sold poorly and was eventually largely replaced by Superior Software 's software-based synthesiser using the standard sound hardware. The original plan was that some games would be released on cartridges, but due to the limited sales of the speech upgrade, little or no software was ever produced for these sockets.

The cut-out space next to the keyboard nicknamed the "ashtray" was more commonly used to install other upgrades, such as a ZIF socket for conventional paged ROMs. Other bands who have used the Beeb for making music are A-ha and the reggae band Steel Pulse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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