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Kampfgruppe Peiper was eventually declared responsible for the deaths of prisoners of war and civilians. After the surrender of the German armies, war crimes during the "Battle of the Bulge" were attributed to Kampfgruppe Peiper, resulting in American investigative teams searching POW camps for its men.

The trial took place at Dachau from 16 May to 16 July before a military tribunal of senior American officers, operating under rules established by the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal. Before the trial, occupation authorities reclassified the defendants from prisoners of war to Civilian Internees.

To counter the evidence given in the men's sworn statements and by prosecution witnesses, the lead defense attorney, Lieutenant Colonel Willis M. Everett tried to show that the statements had been obtained by inappropriate methods. McCown, who, along with his command, had been captured by Peiper at La Gleize, testified that wounded American soldiers in Peiper's custody had received equal priority with German wounded in receiving medical treatment.

He testified that during his occupation of the town, Peiper had at all times behaved in a professional and honorable manner. Everett had decided to call only Peiper to testify. However, other defendants, supported by their German lawyers, wanted to testify as well.

This would soon prove to be a huge mistake, for when the prosecution cross-examined the defendants, they behaved like "a bunch of drowning rats Together with 42 other defendants, Joachim Peiper was sentenced to death by hanging on 16 July The sentences generated significant controversy in some German circles, including the church, leading the commander of the U.

Army in Germany to commute some of the death sentences to life imprisonment. In addition, the Germans' defense attorney, U. Everett, appealed to the U. Supreme Court , claiming that the defendants had been found guilty by means of "illegal and fraudulently procured confessions" and were subjects of mock trial. Simpson of Texas to investigate. The commission was interested in the Malmedy massacre trial and in other cases judged at Dachau.

The commission arrived in Europe on 30 July and issued its report on 14 September. In this report, it notably recommended that the twelve remaining death sentences be commuted to life imprisonment.

The commission confirmed the accuracy of Everett's accusations regarding mock trials and neither disputed nor denied his charges of torture of the defendants. The commission expressed the opinion that the pre-trial investigation had not been properly conducted and that the members felt that no death sentence should be executed where such a doubt existed.

In response, General Lucius Clay commuted six more death sentences to life imprisonment. But he refused to commute the six remaining death sentences, including Peiper's, though the executions were postponed. The turmoil caused by the commission report caused the U. Senate to investigate the trial.

Investigations were opened in the early , including several Senate committees, on one of which was Joseph McCarthy , prepared to launch his sensationalist career. Receiving encouragement and information from right-wing and anti-semitic circles, McCarthy dominated the proceedings and grabbed headlines. He was also probably encouraged by the right-wing, anti-semitic judge, LeRoy van Roden, who saw the trials as being a Jewish effort to take revenge on the Germans, and who also served on the investigating commissions.

In its investigation of the trial, the Senate Committee on Armed Services came to the conclusion of improper pre-trial procedures, including a mock trial, but not torture as sometimes stated, had indeed affected the trial process.

There was little or no doubt that some of the accused were indeed guilty of the massacre. A popular Wehrmacht ex-general Heinz Guderian actively campaigned for Peiper. For example, he wrote to one of his subordinates in At the moment I'm negotiating with General Handy [Heidelberg] because [he] wants to hang the unfortunate Peiper. McCloy is powerless, because the Malmedy trial is being handled by Eucom, and is not subordinate to McCloy. As a result, I have decided to cable President Truman and ask him if he is familiar with this idiocy.

Ultimately the sentences of the Malmedy defendants were commuted to life imprisonment and then to time served. Peiper's sentence was commuted to 35 years in and he was released in December , the last of the Malmedy condemned to be freed. They then worked to achieve the conditional release of Peiper himself. To obtain his release from prison, Peiper had to prove that he could obtain a job.

Through the intermediary of Albert Prinzing, a former SS- Hauptsturmführer in the Sicherheitsdienst , he got a job at the car manufacturer Porsche. However, privately, he maintained contact with and was closely involved with many former SS members. In , for example, he attended the national meeting of the Association of Knight's Cross Recipients. He was often seen at the funerals of personalities such as Meyer, Dietrich and Paul Hausser.

On 17 January , he began work at Porsche in Stuttgart in its technical division. He would later represent the company at car exhibitions. This would not allow him to maintain this new position. Ferry Porsche personally intervened and promised Peiper a senior management position, but this offer was derailed by the trade unions , who objected to allowing persons convicted of war crimes to serve in the upper management of the company.

The strong antipathy to Peiper, his association with Ferry Porsche and the related negative impact on sales in Porsche's biggest market, the United States, forced Porsche's management to dismiss him. On 30 December Peiper filed suit to compel Porsche to fulfil its promises. He asserted that the Nuremberg trial and the "Malmedy massacre" trial were merely propaganda. Citing documents published by the anti-Communist activist and McCarthyist , as well as controversial scholar and Holocaust denier , Freda Utley , he asserted that the Malmedy massacre trial defendants had been tortured by the Americans.

At the beginning of the s, the perception and opinion the public had of the Nazi crimes started to change. The German economic recovery did not allow SS men to hide themselves, and holding a high position in society could raise questions that people like Peiper preferred to avoid. On the other hand, the statute of limitations for the prosecution of Nazi crimes had been extended several times, which made those who had been involved in these crimes uncomfortable. In the early s, Peiper's name came up several times in war crimes trials in Germany.

He was mentioned in the proceedings against Karl Wolff , Himmler's senior adjutant, which began in early and concluded in with a year sentence. Werner Grothmann , Peiper's successor as Himmler's adjutant, was also under investigation. In both of these proceedings, the court heard testimony from notorious former SS member Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski covering Himmler's pre-invasion designs to "rid Russia of 30 million Slavic people" or his pronouncements, following the Minsk killings, that he was "determined to eliminate the Jews" Peiper was with Himmler at that time, but had gone to a field assignment following his brother's death.

In , Peiper learned that the village of Boves had installed a memorial naming his command as perpetrators of the massacre. He immediately got in touch with others from his unit to coordinate a defense strategy. Mostly it consisted of blaming the Communists for manufacturing false accusations and insisting that the destruction of the village was due to a fierce battle with partisans. In the course of the investigation, they had to file statements. Peiper claimed his unit massacred no civilians in Boves.

He stated that he sent members of his unit to search for the two kidnapped officers taken by partisans into the nearby Bisalta mountains. A platoon was ambushed and, while attempting to rescue it, the Germans came under heavy fire from the partisans. It was the response of the German artillery to this fighting that triggered the fires reported in the village.

Peiper claimed that the artillery section remained in Boves to destroy the remaining weapons and ammunition. Kempner , who had been a member of the American council of prosecutors during the Nuremberg trials. Separate charges were filed against Peiper in December by Simon Wiesenthal. However, neither Klempner nor Wiesenthal were ever able to present the evidence claimed by the Attorney General. In , the case was dismissed for lack of evidence. Peiper was later called as a witness during the Werner Best trial.

He did not deny having had close contact with Himmler, but he managed to avoid being directly implicated in Nazi war crimes by claiming memory failure. In , Peiper was a freelance contributor to the magazine Auto, Motor und Sport. At that time he was a self-employed translator for the publisher Stuttgarter Motor-Buch Verlag. Under the pen name of "Rainer Buschmann", he translated books devoted to military history from English to German.

Residing in France since , Peiper led a quiet and discreet life; however, he continued to use his given name. In , he was identified by a former Communist resistance member of the region who issued a report for the French Communist Party.

In , a Communist historian, investigating the Gestapo archives, found the Peiper file. On receipt of these threats, Peiper, who remained in Traves, sent his family back to Germany. In the ruin, Peiper's charred corpse was found together with a. Investigation found that intruders had cut a wire fence between the house and neighboring properties.

All three of Peiper's dogs had been wounded. Traces of shot and spent shell casings consistent with the rifle, shotgun and revolver Peiper had to protect himself with were found outside, suggesting he had fired at the intruders from outside the house. But if they had had guns of their own they may not have fired them at all since no bullets or shot was found at the places Peiper had fired from.

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