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It is not possible to use these tests alone. In my own laboratory during the time as head of a Department of Periodontology my students could learn how unspecific these tests could be. So why should I trust those tests to be acceptable for the detection or screening of HIV? Mono-causality is an over-simplification. Recipient of the German Ribbon of the Order of the Distinguished Service Cross for his humanitarian scientific efforts.

The main danger of HIV-seropositivity is of iatrogenic [caused by medicine or doctors] nature: At least two factors are likely to be responsible for this excessive mortality. First, severe side effects of the medication AIDS patients are usually put on. Second, detrimental psycho-physiological effect of severe and permanent stress resulted from the very information about diagnosis of AIDS.

That so many very intelligent scientists are willing so thoroughly to suspend disbelief on this, basically to assume a conclusion in the absence of any very good evidence, is a very interesting case study in a politicized philosophy of science.

The magical powers attributed to a simple lack of obedience to the idol of safe-sex is quite remarkable. A friend of mine has been fired from a post-doc position at Princeton, by a nominal leftist with a lot of federal money, for essentially the same reason.

Thereby we fail to critique the systematic regulation of sexuality in the maintenance of a repressive social order. Somehow science has served in dismantling the language of liberation in the Left more than any other institutions possibly could have. These two sisters had the unfortunate luck to have been born to an HIV positive mother, and were themselves testing HIV positive.

For most of these two years, they were ill. The parents began to question the efficacy of the drug, did lots of research, and ultimately came to believe that it was the drug, not the HIV status, that was making the children sick. They took them off the drug; the children starting thriving, looking and feeling great. The case that I was testifying at had to do with visitation rights. My position was unequivocal. The children should be allowed to see the only parents they had even known.

The judge decided that it was not in the best interest of the children to have supervised visits with their parents. There are lots of other similar cases.

They will have no destiny at all. By then science would have experienced a Velvet revolution. For over twenty years of fighting the AIDS establishment in Nigeria I have come to realise that greed and corruption at the highest level even in government propels all of them. That the media unwittingly have connived with them to terrorize the people.

I give out fifty thousand dollars to any wonderful virologist who will prove the existence of HIV according to the original papers by Dr.

Gallo and Professor Luc Montagnier. The Plague That Never Existed. For example, contrary to the prediction that AIDS would rapidly spread into the heterosexual population, the disease in the United States is still restricted to 85 percent males.

Yet HIV positives are found with equal frequency in healthy male and female Army recruits. But there is no scientific evidence that these toxic drugs prolong life. A study in Uganda shows that the time between becoming HIV-positive and the time of death is identical to that in the United States. Malnutrition is the most common cause of immune deficiency. After billion dollars spent over a year period on a poorly supported hypothesis and nothing to show for it, it is about time.

Perhaps it will make some physicians think before they prescribe deadly drugs to treat a phantom virus. This dogmatic approach certainly will lead to a medical disaster. Even more so it seems that it is time to really get after the FDA for approving life threatening drugs and food substance to satisfy the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.

As we mentioned in February, , a minority of doctors at that time were unconvinced that HIV Robert Koch, a famous German bacteriologist, formulated a system of four postulates for establishing causation of disease. These postulates have not been met in the case of AIDS.

But this is not the case. The cause of their epidemics can be more plausibly pinpointed as starvation and other compromises to their immune systems. There is ample evidence that people with HIV positive blood can lead long and productive lives as long as they eat well, exercise regularly, do not take drugs, excess alcohol or tobacco products. Its documented side effects are exactly the same as the symptoms of full-blown AIDS.

The simple reason behind the success of newer therapies may be the reduction or elimination of this toxic drug in the treatment. I am saddened and angered that some people are making a lot of money from the suffering of others pharmaceutical companies especially.

The reporter was willing to interview Dr. Duesberg at my suggestion but was quashed by the powers that be at the station and possibly in the community as well. All I ever saw was more and more of the same diseases we saw in , and it was obvious the increase was because of the worsening living conditions, and the pennies instead of dollars governments were spending on health care.

And then they decided it must have come from Africa. President Mbeki is the only African leader who has said this kind of stuff. Look what the media did to him. I think that is what happened with the push to sell AIDS as a new, sexually transmitted disease that started in Africa and was the biggest health threat to the continent. I jumped into this, and made others believe it.

And now I know it was not true. But I know many more things that were not true. We discovered we were in a full-blown lie about AIDS. But these can be secondary effects of antibiotics, and the people who died with these conditions had all been treated before for conditions such as bronchitis. Nothing is sure; everything is just wind. They move away from the region, sending a little money, returning little or never, but still have many children in the village.

It is fashionable nowadays to say that, because it brings money and support. Everybody claims to be a victim of AIDS nowadays. And local people working for AIDS agencies have become rich. They have built homes in Dar es Salaam, they have their motorbikes; they have benefited a lot. I learned this later. That everybody has got his results and that the truth has been five times lower than the figures given by the World Health Organisation of the AIDS control programmes.

The other day I heard that the fellow is not sick any more. He has regained four kilos and is doing very well. It is so disorganised that the one who is doing the good is also the one reporting the good he is doing. It has become a disease in itself, without the necessity of having sick people any more. Nobody checks; AIDS exists by itself. We came here to help orphans of AIDS. Now we are facing a situation where there are no orphans and no AIDS It is good to know that this epidemic which was going to wipe out Africa is just a big bubble of soap.

We expect to have to pay for what we say. It will be the price of truth. The World Health Organization defines an AIDS case in Africa as a combination of fever, persistent cough, diarrhea and a percent loss of body weight in two months. No HIV test is needed. The lack of any requirement for such a test in Africa means that, in practice, many traditional African diseases can be and are reclassified as AIDS. I was driven from the airport to the hotel in a late model 4-wheel drive vehicle.

But other committee members confided that if they voiced public doubts, they risked losing their international funding. And I realized that the vested interests of the international AIDS orthodoxy would discourage further inquiries. They may not be sexy, but they will save lives. And they will surely stop terrorizing an entire continent.

So the best way to deal with the dissidents is to ignore them, silence them and wreck their careers. He has served as an adviser to the U.

State Department and several African governments. I could not express myself as I was the only one with that opinion in my environment. I would like to know the truth! Retiredd Vice Chancellor, Manipal University.

Retrovirologists have laid down a set of criteria to distinguish spurious from genuine retroviruses. Do they even hunt chimpanzees? No evidence has even been presented that they do. Do they carry syringes and needles with them and, after killing the chimpanzee extract some chimpanzee blood difficult, but even more difficult from the living and inject themselves with it?

Have sex with the poor dead creature 7, times assuming a male hunter and female chimp? Eat the raw flesh? At every step the hypothesis that monkey viruses infected Africans and caused the AIDS epidemic is so improbable as to be realistically impossible. Unfortunately in the mad world of AIDS research, this passes as science. Tragically, AZT was first approved for widespread use based on the outcome of these scientifically inconclusive studies.

AZT commonly causes miscarriages and severe birth defects. In fact, AZT is a tragedy which I believe has led to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, primarily in wealthier countries.

I do not want to see this tragedy and anguish imported into Africa and other developing areas of the world. Craig Schoonmaker, founder of Homosexuals Intransigent, told me he had heard over the radio and on television that Ryan White had been admitted to the hospital with uncontrolled internal bleeding. We followed the print media closely for several days, but could not find a single mention of bleeding. However, the Times story contained this curious passage: He would not elaborate.

The people there knew Ryan White very well, and confirmed that hemophilia itself was his major health problem and the cause of his death. It is appalling that those who ought to be healers are instead programming healthy people to get sick. A malign form of voodoo is being practiced in this country by the priests of Modern Medicine. A man in California went to a clinic, identified himself as gay, and took the HlV-antibody test; results: Then he went to another clinic, identified himself as a heterosexual, and took the same test; results: Being gay and having been around from the start of the AIDS hysteria, I thought I knew something about the syndrome and treatment.

Boy, was I wrong! I was about to reluctantly start the drugs they said I needed due to my initial low CD4 count and high viral load. I am so glad I was fortunate enough to educate myself on this subject. I now feel totally comfortable in choosing not to use the toxic drugs that are supposed to control HIV.

I am completely ignoring the HIV side of things and concentrating on building my immune system back up, naturally. I actually have not had a cold or the flu in 2 years and run 4 miles, times a week. I said no to the doctors and I am alive. I have been black-balled by the press which made a hero out of White.

I think that possibility was always a long-shot, but now with further research showing that nearly any psychological or physical stress causes lowered CD4 counts, combined with the difficulty finding a mechanism for HIV to do it, I think the idea is fairly ridiculous. It went something like this:. A slow, painful, inexorable decline, and an agonizing loss of dignity awaits you, and only with death will the curse be lifted. Virtually every claim ever made about HIV has been repeatedly contradicted.

Stress, social isolation, and negative beliefs can create the same type of immunodeficiency that is commonly blamed on HIV. The amount of psychological stress in people diagnosed HIV positive is likely to be much greater than the stress in the people in these studies. Such a high rate of indeterminates on a test that supposedly determines life or death issues is outrageously high. The incredible reliance of patients, doctors, and scientists on tests with such obvious inconsistencies is a cause for alarm, and yet it appears that the only people sounding the alarm are not being listened to.

Tuberculosis with a positive HIV antibody test is AIDS, but tuberculosis with a negative test is just tuberculosis, even if it is occurring in an IV drug user with multiple opportunistic infections.

This causes a suppression of the immune system, with selective depletion of CD4 T-cells. Rarely are the drug toxicities and complications caused by the treatment held responsible.

It can equally be caused by severe malnutrition in poorer and famine stricken societies. I know this view is completely against the current beliefs forced by media presentation of a social problem, but it is the responsibility of dedicated scientists to take into consideration and explore all aspects to this problem.

We are only now beginning to understand what AIDS may be. We know one thing it is not, a virus produced disease! We should not close our eyes to new information just because we are sold the idea that this condition is caused by a class of viruses conveniently called HIV. They are consistently and drastically short of methionine, cystine and cysteine--very important amino acids.

They also have a manyfold rise in the levels of arginine and glutamate In a series of other experiments, when IL-6 and another similar substance TNF -tumor necrosis factor are added to a cell culture medium that contains cells with the ability to produce the virus, particles labeled HIV are extruded It is also unfortunate that we do not understand the subordinate metabolic roles of IL-6 to cortisone-releasing mechanism and IL-1 production On this fragment of unconnected information is placed the whole argument that AIDS is a virus-caused disease.

Because a test has been designed that marks and shows the particular fragments produced by IL-6 or TNF. Women, who participate in anal sex to avoid becoming pregnant, should be aware of this immune suppressive property of semen. All we needed to know now is how did these AIDS patients become cysteine-deficient?

We should commence the research of this phenomenon and not sidetrack AIDS research into a dead end by making a jump of faith and assuming it to be virus produced. It could be produced by many other factors, one of them cysteine and zinc deficiency, particularly in underdeveloped and poorer countries. It is also possible that it is caused as a result of persistent and increasingly severe local damage in the rectum, producing a long-term run on the body's protein reserves.

This test by itself is not an accurate indicator of the presence of an agent that causes the disease. The HIV itself produced by a more severe imbalance in the make up of the amino acid pool of the body.

It is this devastating amino acid pool imbalance that kills the patients, and not the HIV particle. When morphine or heroin is used, the sensations of hunger and thirst are also suppressed and the body begins to feed off itself. In countries where people used to smoke opium, a great number of these people eventually died of lung infections--exactly what is now blamed on the virus and contaminated needles. This is what everyone is led to believe. This in my opinion is an erroneous representation of a different truth.

All this test shows is that the body has come across this antigenic particle and has registered its structure. The question is, do we continue to measure the straw or the inherent structural and physiological limitations? Do we pay attention to the limitations of the body, or do we in carefree abandon blame an ineffective slow virus for the ills that befall some members of our society? Drugs Kill and other books. But do you really want to express this opinion?

Or merely raise the question? If you do, then the new Gestapo will likely pay you a visit. Forget about that government grant.

Forget about the raise. There was a rush to judgment on many fronts, a lot of speculation I smelled a rat from the very beginning, and kept up with it ever since. A hypothesis is an assumption made by scientists for discussion about their scientific problems. The public in some peculiar way have accepted the hypothesis as a proven theory. Many people are making a good living out of it, writing positive reports, no matter how negative the results are.

The relatively low death rates would not have appeared if the high death rates due to aggressive treatments with AZT had not occurred in the early s. Many HIV-positive people, not treated with the cocktails, have remained healthy for more than fifteen years.

They would feel better when they think something can be done. South Africa refused to pay for those drugs with borrowed money. This makes China an easy target. The take home message from the recent Barcelona AIDS conference is that incompetent AIDS scientists and even more incompetent medical reporters are wasting lives and money while creating sanctions against medical breakthroughs by refusing to listen to anyone who questions their conclusion that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS.

This is medical incompetence at its worst. I consider this to be a violation of scientific ethics. The scientific method is based, at least partially, on debate. To call for the end to a debate is unscientific; to do so with the power of the US government behind you is unethical. Patients taking purified, recombinant factor VIII would have a stronger immune system and would consequently be healthier. We were neutral, simply eager to contribute to settling this unsettling affair.

We are still waiting. More accurately, we have given up. We never were allowed access to taxpayer-funded data. We waited in lunchrooms of prestigious hospitals before realizing that our host was not going to appear with the data and was too embarrassed to join us for lunch.

Our phone calls were never answered. A Story of Biotechnology. The sadly predictable result of questioning these two sacred cows of modern biomedicine was the almost complete destruction of a once lofty professional standing. Your readers can be as angry as they like, but they should save their anger until after they have evaluated clinical DATA The entire AIDS and cancer areas are a mess. All current hypotheses are plainly incorrect, inadequate or in many cases absolutely falsifiable on the basis of existing data However, there is no detectable infectious Hiv in most patients, only antibodies.

Furthermore, the mortality of Hiv antibody-positive individuals treated with anti-Hiv drugs is greater than that of mostly untreated Hiv-antibody positive individuals, a disturbing finding in regard to current therapies.

Mental stress provokes production of the hormone cortisol; excessive cortisol causes rapid and dramatic reductions in T cells, a condition known as lymphocytopenia. Cannon reported that shamans, tribal medical authorities thought to possess special powers, were able to kill errant tribe members by simply pointing at them with a bone.

AIDS is defined as any one of 30 old diseases such as pneumonia, yeast infection, TB, cancer, diarrhea, salmonella, etc. The research data tend to be formulated from actuarial models and short trials in pregnant women attending antenatal clinics. The results of such research lead to frightening statistics, giving the impression that the whole of southern Africa will be depopulated within the next 24 months. This is the perfect breeding ground for the rapid spread of HIV.

The rate in the prison population should be higher than that in the general population, or at least the same. But the figures for prisons in South Africa are way below those generated by actuarial models and antenatal data, which purportedly reflect the incidence of infection in the general population. The greatest danger of severe reactions occurs when latex comes into contact with moist areas of the body or internal surfaces during surgery, because more of the allergen can rapidly be absorbed into the body.

The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Institute in Stuttgart said on Friday it had found the carcinogen N-Nitrosamine in 29 of 32 types of condoms it tested in simulated conditions. The condoms, which were kept in a solution with artificial sweat, exuded huge amounts of cancer-causing N-Nitrosamine from its rubber coating. Researchers measured amounts of N-Nitrosamine, that were way above the prescribed limits for other rubber products such as baby pacifiers.

The true scientist wants to know how it all works. Again a strong and unconditional no! Of course it is relatively easy to fake one: The situation has become so ridiculous that someone who has had an unprotected sexual contact with a total stranger runs to the doctor immediately to have an aids-test.

Why, in the name of Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, would anybody do that?? To make sure the whole world starts treating you as a leper? To get your health insurance cancelled, never to be renewed again? To run into trouble every time you try to cross a border? Or to end your sex life once and for all? Just because deep inside you knew your research was a fraud?

Yes, there are scientists who would not prostitute themselves, but they have labs in broom closets in the basement Maybe they can get through your thick skull. AIDS is the hoax of the century. If you use those suckers, you might as well go all the way and get yourself one of those inflatable plastic dolls. Their product had already flopped and rightfully so when somebody came up with the master stroke of AIDS. Congratulations, colleagues at the CDC!

You really succeeded in convincing those simple-minded youths they should forfeit their turn at having the same fun their parents had!

With your help, Nixon could even have been successful at selling used cars Sure, the old fogeys have always tried that. In my own adolescent years they told us that every sex act was automatically followed by an unwanted pregnancy. Those bogeyman tales were not as sophisticated as the AIDS myth, I admit, but at least they really did bear a relationship to sex. AIDS, I repeat, does not. Immunodeficiency has more to do with things such as recreational drugs, or malnutrition.

But, funny enough, those dogmas are exactly the type of hogwash that the religious conservatives happily accept, because the AIDS-swindle takes aim at sex. And all that to satisfy the egos of some scientists who goofed, and the doom prophets who insist that there ought to be a divine punishment for promiscuity. And how nice for the big pharmaceutical companies! Those antiviral drugs they are putting in the bargain basement now are, by their very nature, so poisonous that they will probably destroy millions of lives instead.

Now I ask you: Rich people live longer than poor people; everyone knows that. And the reason is not that they use condoms, or restrict themselves to one sexual partner.

No, they simply eat well, and they have access to proper medical care. That would be good advertising too Well, more power to you, sir! AIDS the loss of immune response to infectious diseases can have various causes, but a sexually transmitted virus is not one of them. You are dead right pointing the finger at the real causes of this scourge: Poverty, malnutrition, and lack of medical care.

He refuses to let greedy pharmaceutical companies sell him overpriced antiviral drugs on a payment plan that would make his people become even poorer and more undernourished. How much longer are you going to tolerate this nonsense? Make sure the corrupt scientists never get a research grant again. They cannot isolate anything that can be identified either, because they work with cellular slop that could contain antibodies to whatever and godknowswhat showing enzymatic activity that has also been reported to be associated with known retroviruses.

Did research with Dr. Jesse Beams, one of the lead scientists on The Manhattan Project. Nobody should be given a death sentence based on the results of nonspecific and inaccurate tests. Up close, it turns out to be much like any other human enterprise, riven with envy, ambition and the standard jockeying for position. But the firm was barely two months old when the story ran, and two rival entrepreneurs who launched similar products a few years back had gone under.

This was getting seriously weird. Eric Borman said business was good, but he was a master craftsman who made one or two deluxe caskets a week and seemed to resent the suggestion his customers were the sort of people who died of AIDS. Borman pointed, and off I went, deeper and deeper into the maze. On the far side of the golf course, Mrs. Smith has just buried her beloved servant. Your cousin Lenny knows someone who owns a factory where all the workers are dying. Your newspapers are regularly predicting that the economy will surely be crippled, and schooling may soon collapse because so many teachers have died.

We had no idea. We were playing a game, driven by hysteria. Here in South Africa, entrepreneurs are piling into the AIDS business at an astonishing rate, setting up consultancies, selling herbal immune boosters and vitamin supplements, devising new insurance products, distributing condoms, staging benefits, forming theater troupes that take the AIDS prevention message into schools. We write exactly in the way that we are told, even knowing that this or that is not true.

There is a lack of common sense in understanding subjects and problems. However, journalists do not care about this contradiction. A similar thing happens with discrepancies between Gallo and Montagnier regarding the origin of AIDS, discrepancies which are published, but nobody says a word.

Similarly with information from the CDC; they replied to me that viral load is improper for diagnosing HIV infection, yet nobody calls them on this, most journalists do not question it, they just report that viral load diagnoses HIV infection. We must no longer believe in an AIDS virus that supposedly has magic powers, that mutates, that every time they use a new antiretroviral the virus uses its magic powers to resist.

The causation aspect is a mythical perpetuation which has been advanced to an untouchable status. Sometimes these statements are literal untruths; at other times they merely insinuate untruths in their equivocation between rates of disease and rates-of-change in population-specific disease rates.

Estimates of the prevalence of HIV infection are well-known to be unreliable, and have been continually revised downwards. It therefore seems highly likely to us that a substantial number of the reported cases of heterosexual transmission in the partners of injecting drug users, in particular, are themselves injecting drug users. Women are dying of AIDS, but it is not because of heterosexual or lesbian sex. Rather, AIDS disproportionately affects those women who inject drugs, and thereby largely suffer other diseases, poverty, and malnutrition.

People who develop the disease are robbed of hope of recovery. The Koch postulates must be satisified as a unity. This means that one must isolate and purify the supposed cause from every case of the disease. The purified agent must be injected into a suitable animal host and shown to induce the disease. This has never been done, and in the only animal model, that of the Chimpanzee, HIV causes no disease at all.

From the new diseased host, the cause must then be isolated once more and the procedure repeated. Again, this has not been done. There is no way you could make that much virus. Does what Ho and Shaw say actually make any sense?

Are their experimental techniques sound? Do their conclusions follow from their results? Is their mathematical analysis sound? My conclusion will be that this new work is about as convincing as a giraffe trying to sneak into a polar bears only picnic by wearing sunglasses. Is nobody at Nature bothered by the fact that neither paper contains any hard data which can be independently analysed?

And Wei, et al. The reader is given absolutely no explanation of how this assay of viral load is supposed to be carried out and no indication of how reliable it is. They seem to have learned like the mad hatter to believe six impossible things before breakfast and so one more makes no difference. One gets a remarkable sense of being disassociated from the real world when entering the realm of AIDS research. Am I mad or are they? Koch's postulates are failed at every turn.

It is well- acknowledged that the HIV virus is cleared quickly out of the body. The mechanism by which it is cleared is through the production of an antibody, which is specific for the virus.

How does a virus which is not present do progressive damage to an immune system? However, this does not mean that HIV is causing the final collapse of the immune system, but vice-versa: Nevertheless, if the immune system eventually decompensates from multiple toxic exposures, it is easy to blame a virus which is going along for the ride. It also fits the allopathic paradigm of one disease, one cause.

This has changed lives. It has caused depression and lethargy. Many productive citizens have given up and are waiting to die. Some have committed suicide in despair and anticipation of a future of suffering and certain death from AIDS. This is just not the case. The idea of the inevitability of an AIDS-related death for people with an HIV-positive blood test is a wild guess for which there is no proof. It is a thundering herd of paradigm-dominated, research grant-motivated opinion.

Here is a drug for treating autoimmune deficiency which causes autoimmune deficiency. When one sees the result of treatment with AZT, the list of possible side effects becomes the list of probable, almost certain, side effects. When AZT hits the scene, T cells are killed by the millions. Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting of blood , muscle wasting, severe fatigue, bloody diarrhea and slowed growth in children are the results which the doctor can count on seeing in the person taking AZT.

It only becomes a question of what really causes AIDS: In comes a patient, probably with an infection, to see the doctor.

On the next visit to the doctor, weight loss is noted and patient is not feeling so well. We had better increase the dose of AZT.

It happened, for example, to Arthur Ashe, who was informed, but not convinced, of this information, so he continued taking AZT. AIDS, like cancer and vascular disease, is a disease which selects out those people able to think for themselves and willing to inform themselves.

Those who blindly follow the blind will, well, both fall into a ditch. I keep an open mind for the HIV hypothesis and yet, as it appears now, it would be the strangest thing in science if it should turn out to be true. His opinion was that people were dying of lots of things, but not noticeably more than was ever the case. Mbeki, nobody I talked to in South Africa even cared about AIDS, simply because so few people even knew somebody who knew somebody who supposedly had it.

People are far more concerned about crime. Often, HIV testing is not even performed and people are diagnosed on the basis of unspecific symptoms such as weight loss and diarrhea. Long term use is known to cause immunosuppression and side effects that are actually indistinguishable from AIDS. The pharmaceutical companies do not even attempt to deny this. Millions of people have been encouraged to put all their hope and trust in these drugs. She has never used antiretroviral drugs and she says that she maintains her health by maintaining a strictly healthy diet and lifestyle.

There is often no further explanation. This of course makes no sense to people who do not already know the arguments. Hence, people do not understand the real arguments and as a result even those without a vested interest develop strong anti-dissident views without any real knowledge of what it is really about.

If an unreliable test and sometimes no testing is being used to diagnose HIV in Africa, how can we be confident that giving toxic anti-retroviral drugs to people under these circumstances is acceptable? One of them I sent under my own name to get tested for HIV antibodies, the other I sent under the name of one of my HIV positive patients for viral load testing to the same lab. Most HIV-infected people have not advanced to overt disease. Immune host defense systems can be helped or even rebuilt through natural methods and therapies.

The longest surviving AIDS patients are those who have rejected synthetic drugs and are on natural therapies. Hope, Hoax and Hoopla.

There remain profound questions and an increasingly loud whisper from the margins of the scientific literature that either we did not get it completely right in the early stages of the disease or, even, that we got it completely wrong.

His report concluded that drugs were a factor. The CDC refused to release the report. The great sin that Duesberg committed was to challenge the priesthood of that secular religion. The fact that a virus was being blamed suited them fine since viruses are nothing if not democratic.

The multiplication factor, however, increases every year. In this had jumped to In the last one and a half years, the WHO has multiplied the reported cases by The oft-repeated horror scenarios This form of presentation is extremely unusual in medicine as it produces useless results. The figures automatically rise, even if only a few new cases are still coming in each year. None of the projections have come true but they have been the basis for enormous budgets for the agencies involved.

The impact on other health issues is enormous, especially in poorer countries. The major symptoms are weight loss, chronic diarrhea and chronic fever. The minor symptoms include coughing and generalized itching. To begin with, less than 50 percent of Africans have access to safe drinking water. Over 60 percent have no sanitation. Human and animal excrements mix with the water supply.

People drink this water and ingest infectious parasites and bacteria. As a result, dysentery is endemic. It weakens the immune system. The typical symptoms are fever, weight loss and coughing. This is exactly what is required for an AIDS diagnosis. Malaria is the most widespread disease in Africa and tropical countries. The symptoms include fever, weight loss and fatigue. The idea that there should be a different kind of AIDS for Africans or Europeans or Americans defies the scientific definition of viral infection.

So give us free mosquito nets instead of condoms and Aids medicaments. Innumerable western companies, NGOs, international organisations and Aids experts profited from it. These drugs are similar or identical to chemotherapy drugs used in cancer treatment. They work by stopping cell growth. They kill your body from the inside out. This is exactly how the incidence of TB and other infectious diseases was dramatically reduced in the US and Europe. This is not what these already suffering people need to be healthy and successful.

This is exactly how to propagate death, disease and poverty. This postulate veils the real cause of AIDS. Jager in a live interview , one of the leading German AIDS authorities, in the period from to , there has not been a single case of male or female HIV infection in the age group not even in homosexuals!

Yet ignorance and unwillingness to know can no longer be an alibi for the humiliating helplessness and indifference among officials, professional medical associations, and almost all fellow human beings who face this almost unprecedented lack of scientific and medical ethics.

Since he has worked in basic research on cancer and AIDS. It happens all the time. In he held a research fellowship in immunology from the National Institutes of Health. Early in his career he was instrumental in getting the drug AZT released, an act he looked back on with regret. In a BC Supreme Court writ, Lisa Lebed claims when she was admitted to the hospital in late to give birth to a daughter, a blood sample was taken without her consent.

It revealed she was HIV positive, so she gave up the baby girl for adoption and decided to have a tubal ligation. The explanation she was given was a lab error. In spite of voluminous evidence which shows that HIV is not the cause of AIDS, the myth is deliberately kept going so that industries keep prospering.

The toxic effects of ARVs include nerve damage, weakened bones, unusual accumulation of fat in the neck and abdomen and drug-induced diabetes. Many people have developed dangerously high levels of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood, raising concern that HIV positive persons might face another epidemic of heart disease.

Realization is also slowly but surely dawning that the damage caused by the stressed immune system could be reversed by good diet, yogic and other exercises, herbs available readily, acupuncture, homeopathy, proper rest, avoidance of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, proper hygiene, etc.

In other words, a person is to be treated as a whole: The principles of healing are very simple: Has 30 years of clinical, teaching and research experience. Delivered over 10, lectures in 63 countries, written 33 books, thousands of articles, reports, editorial letters, short stories and other works. When studied all of these people had received the influenza vaccine four to six weeks prior and this was rapidly covered up by the press.

I had been a pharmacist for over 20 years at that time and had many of the same misgivings Dr. He was intelligent, concise, impeccably informed and vastly experienced in his field. We swim in a daily SEA of bugs. We have enough toxic and dangerous bugs within us to kill an army if they put us in a blender and fed us raw to them.

If the drugs kill you, your doctors, family and friends will believe that AIDS killed you. The fact that so many are emotionally attached to this is the major problem A leader with a brain! It may well be that things are worse for B-W given the propensity of all flaks to play down bad times.

Regardless, this news is promising and indicates that AZT and similiar toxics may soon be synonymous with snake oil. When the medical establishment is heavily invested in a set of assumptions, it can seem nearly impossible. Yet it is now undeniable that a positive HIV test does not mean you have a fatal disease.

Founder of EarthSave Foundation. Subsequent studies proved that, in fact, no more people were dying in total, than measured before ! The numbers today show that the 2. Maybe there are those who would wish that that were true? Simply put; no one dies any more of malaria and TB? Research scientists [outside AIDS research] laugh at us. To them a good sample size is 30, people. You cannot draw conclusions from statistically flawed studies and no study with a tiny sample can be trusted It is also unethical to run trials of drugs in places like Malaysia with only 30 people involved and then try to justify these flawed trials because some people got access to drugs who otherwise would have had nothing.

No matter how overblown their previous predictions and assertions prove, no matter how good the news to the contrary, they always find a way to make the end of the world seem just around the corner.

Female AIDS cases attributed to heterosexual contact declined from 4, to 3,, down in turn from 6, in It is the ultimate triumph of politics over science. All tests for identifying HIV status have been seriously challenged. Questions have been raised about whether the virus really can be transmitted via breastfeeding.

Then why does it allow smoking? Why does it allow people to eat junk food? Why does the government allow us to put children into cars? This means, for example, that even HIV-positive mothers have a right to breastfeed.

Under this definition it appears that HIV can be anything a physician says it is. AIDS is, in essence, a collection of 26 previously known diseases. AIDS is not a disease, it is a collection of diseases.

It may appear to be highly deadly because it counts together what previously had been counted separately. Is this an epidemic, or is this simply innovative accounting? For example, the surveillance reports emphasize cumulative figures. The report CDC , p. Also, once a person is diagnosed as having AIDS, it is retained forever, even if the original basis for the diagnosis disappears.

This does not necessarily mean they died as a result of AIDS. The other deaths tables that are provided in the mid report have no such acknowledgment. The data do not provide any means for distinguishing these deaths. While many different kinds of diseases can result from severe immunosuppression, there is no apparent reason for making distinctions among those diseases depending on what caused the immunosuppression.

The discussions on the issue tend to imply that a positive result on any of these tests is a sure sign of impending death, but there is no solid published evidence to support that assumption. While some take the view that the presence of these antibodies is a cause for alarm, it should perhaps be viewed as just the opposite, a highly desirable finding. In fact, the Thai study claimed a reduction in transmission from a rate of This is a reduction of It is misleading to refer to the ratio of the two percentage figures, rather than the difference between them.

If comparison of percentages or ratios were used, then a reduction from, say 0. The health benefits for the infant were simply inferred on the basis of blood tests. No assessments were made of the actual health outcomes for the infants. But it was stopped prematurely after details became public, which reveal the organisers had ignored the most basic principles of research in medicine.

During the 4 hours prior to delivery they were counselled and subsequently asked for consent to HIV testing. This counselling took place in an overcrowded delivery room with a complete lack of privacy. In case of a positive result, the women were than counselled for the result and got an introduction to the MTCT study, all this while in labour pain.

A four-page patient information leaflet was handed out and consent for participation in the study was requested. No provision was made for longer counselling to explain this patient information to illiterate women. The following information is given in the product information of the HIV test Also no doctor was involved whatsoever in making any diagnosis of possible symptoms. Giving a diagnosis of an HIV infection and administering drugs without respecting the necessary procedure is a clear violation of medical conduct and would lead to immediate legal consequences in developed countries.

It explained the obvious but did not contain the important list of potentially severe side effects. Only two side-effects were mentioned. At first women were told they and their children could experience some pain from the needles when the blood sample are taken. One wonders why the women did not get the complete list of side-effects which even the companies hand out to all patients in the product information? Were the authors of the study too afraid to expose the following details: Unfortunately the following findings on side-effects is not mentioned: Even HIV positive results were withheld as well as the names of the patients who got anti-retroviral therapy.

Consequently doctors could not take into account any of the information of the laboratory results nor whether or not the women or the child had been given anti-retroviral drugs. Therefore any symptoms from the mother or the newborn could not be interpreted as potential side-effects of the drugs.

Even in the case of one maternal death no information from the study personal could be obtained as to whether the women had been given anti-retroviral drugs or not. Unborn and new-born children belong to the weakest group of humans.

Consequently they are subject to a strong reluctance concerning any medical treatment because of fears of side-effects. It is incomprehensible that most of the media is following the bandwagon led by pharmaceutical companies to give the most toxic drugs to the most vulnerable part of the population. Such a discrepancy between claimed and real intervention is unseen since bloodletting was finally abandoned more than years ago.

Women and new-borns have been declared as being HIV infected on the basis of one single unreliable test. Furthermore they have been exposed to the risk of side-effects of dangerous drugs. Michael Verney-Elliot put it most acidly when he said: My decision [not to take AZT] was aided by several factors, one of which was my age.

Being in my late sixties, I viewed my eventual demise as less pressing. I had a very close, happy family. And I was educated to be skeptical during my 25 years of general practice about newly heralded grand cures. Reflecting back on the numbers of diseases I treated in the fifties and sixties which now would be grounds for malpractice, I became skeptical about AZT, knowing it to be a cytotoxic agent.

How could that be? They treated one type of mouse with T-cells from another type, and found parts of HIV sic proteins in the treated mice. How can mice that have never been near HIV show antibodies to it, as if they had successfully overcome attack by it! Without lashings of [Glaxo] Wellcome money driving the blunder along, the AIDS bandwagon would have ground to a halt long ago. Countless people will be saved, by not having to bother with a virus that cannot do anything anyway, and which does not even exist.

The problem is, these symptoms are indistinguishable from those of malaria and tuberculosis. But once you tell me that I am HIV positive then you have given me this message that you are going to die, and therefore I have no energy for the future. Other parasitic diseases come to mind. It is obvious immediately to both the doctor because of blood work and the patient who feels lousy that AZT is being administered instead of placebo, so a genuine double-blind placebo-treated controlled study in the classical sense would be impossible to perform.

This is one way that antiviral studies shield themselves from criticism. I use this to show my students how not to do a drug study. I had no reason to think otherwise.

I never knew or cared that anybody thought differently. The name Peter Duesberg meant nothing to me. I even used to think that the FDA was there to protect the American public. Now I know better. Symptoms of latex allergy can vary from mild to deadly. Despite the legitimate reasons for wearing latex gloves, they were not very popular prior to the infectious AIDS hysteria that began in the early s.

I unquestioningly believed what I heard, and treated HIV-positive patients differently. Now I want to do my part to correct the problem. Duesberg has written a book for the layman laying out the evidence as he sees it as to the cause of AIDS. I recommend it highly. Why have we not asked these questions before?

A must-read for everyone if we are ever to uncover the truth about AIDS. So when I first learned of your work I was very excited and still am!

And I have highest regard for your courage and determination to go on without being silenced by the powerful censorship mechanisms. Friends and colleagues from India and South Africa confirm what I noticed. It is hard to break the shell of indoctrinated minds. But of course I do not give up! It must be made clear to these individuals that a they can recover, and b HIV is irrelevant to AIDS and, in all probability, does not even exist.

If a person believes in their heart that there is no hope, then there is none. Director, Institute of Science in Society; Author and activist.

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