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When a patient presents with longitudinal nail pigmentation.

What are the causes?


New Chrome 69 will automatically generate passwords for users 38 minutes ago. Here's what the iPhone XS needs, but probably won't get 44 minutes ago. How to watch Apple's September 12 iPhone event 1 hour ago. Twilio acquires contact center software maker Ytica 2 hours ago. First IoT security bill reaches governor's desk in California 2 hours ago. Special Feature Tech Budgets The Future of Business. Special Feature Sensor'd Enterprise: IoT, ML, and big data. Special Feature Tech and the Future of Transportation.

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The past, present, and future of streaming: Flink, Spark, and the gang Reactive, real-time applications require real-time, eventful data flows. North Korean hackers' secret tool? A simple phishing email Phishing attacks via bogus emails were a key tool in allowing hackers to gain access to networks. Video Apple's next iPhones signal a new era for services. Video Why social media fatigue is spreading. Sponsored Intel at Microsoft Ignite Video How XR can be used to combat discrimination.

Video Your smartphone's security might be compromised from the moment of purchase. Video Quantum computing -- building perfect computers from imperfect parts. Video The enterprise, like everyone else, is going voice-first. Video AI for business: Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen. Efficient comminution processes require a careful process design and presume a deep understanding of the grinding fundamentals as well as the appropriate machinery.

The improvement of dust and noise management is a permanent challenge in mining and mineral processing regarding either the staff as the environment. Geochemical exploration has evolved over the past 30 years from traditionally focused mineral resource identification to a multi-element, multi-media toolbox.

Trainees will have a grasp of materials behaviour and the influence of raw materials quality and processing on the quality of materials. Superior understanding of water management related issues in order to ensure the proper specification of a successful solution for a given application is required in nearly any business. Li-Ion batteries are an emerging technology which is incorporated into more and more technical structures of our everyday life. Accordingly, in upcoming years large mass streams of spent batteries are to be expected.

Their handling and processing are as of now not yet clear. The colloquium will address the challenges of integrating Li-Ion batteries into a circular economy and give an insight into several new developments and technological concepts in fields of battery logistics, mechanical and pyrometallurgical processing. Especially the expected growth rates in the field of electromobility will lead to a growing number of spent batteries in the near future. One battery unit of a full electric vehicle PEV weights typically more than kg.

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Wenn es nach den Besuchern des Benefizkonzertes am Sonnabend geht, dann wäre das eine gute Idee. Wetter in Seehausen Seehausen - Benefizkonzert im Waldbad Seehausen. Ein Hamburger in Seehausen Seehausen.

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