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Filson Chaps: USA-Made Tan 14022 TN Husky Water-Resistant Single Tin Chaps

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Filson Chaps: Men's Tan USA-Made 14021 TN Single Tin Cloth Chaps

Felled seams with bar tacking create a smooth design with double-stitching to create added durability. The husky fit - 2 inches' worth of extra thigh room - keeps you highly mobile, allowing you to bend and squat with ease. What more could you need for the job? Your website has some really great features, like the different views available on the boots.

Very helpful to really see exactly how they're made and look. Corbello from Iowa, Louisiana. The only thing better than new work boots are new work boots that ship for free! Subscribe to our email newsletter and receive free coupons and discount offers in your email! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Please enable JavaScript to enable tag functionality. Please enable JavaScript to be able to enable price formatting. Please enable JavaScript to be able to enable detail windows. Please enable JavaScript to enable image functionality. Earn 58 Rewards Points. Please select an option from the list to continue. Detailed Product Specifications Color. Additional Product Features Imported. Woodland Camouflage Utility Suspenders. Customer Reviews For Filson Chaps: Filson advises against spot cleaning with soap and water, as it may result in a loss of water repellency or color in that spot.

If it is absolutely necessary to spot clean an Oil Finish garment, you may need to re-wax that spot to restore the water repellency after it dries.

If an Oil Finish garment is dry cleaned, it will need to be re-waxed to restore its water repellency. Machine washing breaks down the Oil Finish, and sometimes causes the fabric to shrink. Most importantly, machine washing will not soften Oil Finish Tin Cloth. In fact, it may make the fabric stiffer than before.

You shouldn't need to re-wax your Oil Finish Tin Cloth garment right away. It is ready to wear. However, over time, and with regular use, the Oil Finish water repellency may weaken, especially in areas of high wear or repeated flexing such as the knees of a pant, or the elbows or cuffs on a jacket.

Cotton can shrink if it gets wet, especially when it's exposed to any kind of heat. Allow your Oil Finish Tin Cloth garment to dry naturally, away from any source of heat, to minimize shrinkage. Most customers do not experience enough shrinkage to have a problem with the fit. You May Also Like:. If you would like to order a higher quantity please go to the item's product page. About Filson Corporation Filson, a leading outfitter for outdoor enthusiasts, is committed to providing the highest quality apparel that stands up to the toughest conditions.

Filson puts the same care into all our products that C.

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