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The colloquium will address the challenges of integrating Li-Ion batteries into a circular economy and give an insight into several new developments and technological concepts in fields of battery logistics, mechanical and pyrometallurgical processing. Especially the expected growth rates in the field of electromobility will lead to a growing number of spent batteries in the near future. One battery unit of a full electric vehicle PEV weights typically more than kg.

Further components are metallic foils, organic electrolytes, special lithium-salts and electronic and structural components. Thus, spent batteries are an interesting subject to establish concepts of circular economy. Due to the complexity of the battery structure and the size of a typical battery cell, as well as its chemical and potential energy content, several challenges arise during the handling and the processing of the batteries. Metallurgy is a key enabler of a circular economy CE , its digitalization is the metallurgical Internet of Things m-IoT.

Metallurgy is at the heart of a CE, as metals all have strong intrinsic recycling potentials. They get tools for better understanding the team members and keep the momentum of a motivated team alive. Alternative solutions to reduce vibrations instead of reducing MIC or hole diameter will be trained. A House of Perlite. Geochemical Exploration and Mapping 2 Termine. Innovative Subsurface Mining Imaging Systems. Underground surveying and monitoring is essential for the success of high-performance underground mining operations.

Modern systems offer new ways to acquire spatial information and to create realistic and accurate 3D models. In this short course you will learn about existing solutions and possible fields of application, to better understand how future underground surveying could look like. Practical Course Materials Testing for metals 2 Termine. Process Mineralogy and Geo-Metallurgy for Copper.

Raw materials and water treatment 2 Termine. Simulation based footprint of technology 3 Termine. Try our support pages — or simply get in touch with us:. No animals were harmed during testing. Header photo by Otter Moore. COPRA dailies system view. Designed specifically for dailies never lose your focus. COPRA dailies comes with powerful features: HDR support color, reloaded.

Stream and distribute it to your creative team. Want to know more about specific workflows? Try our support pages — or simply get in touch with us: DE Header photo by Otter Moore.

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