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The youngest daughter was supposed to join her mother to live in Germany soon. On the day she was killed, Jolanta had just arrived back from a visit to her homeland. According to local media, Jolanta almost managed to escape the attack. The attacker, identified only by his first name Muhamed, knew Jolanta from Mangal Kebab and fell in love with her, according to local media. The man had his hands bound behind his back and was pinned down on the floor after being detained by officers following the attack.

Jolanta worked as a cleaner and shared a flat with a new friend. Three months before the fatal attack, she found a full-time job in a kitchen at the kebab store. Jolanta is said to have rejected him, and the other restaurant employees used to force him to leave the place and locked him out because he was 'weird'. Her children have arrived in Reutlingen to identify their mother's body. As the Foreign Ministry, we offer them all the possible help that we can.

A witness to the incident, Robert Lukowski, 25, described the situation as a nightmare. And then when I saw the crazy man in the handcuffs, I was terrified. Pictures from the scene appear to show the knifeman lying on the ground with blood on his face and his weapon lying on the ground. Jolanta is said to have rejected the man's advances, and the other restaurant employees used to force him to leave the place and locked him out because he was 'weird'.

The attack happened in the southwestern city of Reutlingen near a doner kebab stand in a bus station at Listplatz Square. Police mark out the area where the attacker dropped the machete which he used to murder Jolanta and injure two others.

Pictures from the scene appeared to show the knifeman lying on the ground with blood on his face after being apprehended. Armed police officers were seen pinning him down to the ground before binding his hands behind his back.

Meanwhile, footage filmed by passers-by also showed the bearded attacker in the moments following the rampage running around in the street while people scream 'Oh my God'. He also banged on the windows of a Citroen car in which a year-old woman suffered cuts to her arms and a year-old man went into shock.

The attacker also injured a year-old man by slashing his face. It is believed a man passing the incident in a BMW car ran over the man, knocking him to the ground, before he was detained by police.

Police were also seen searching a car, which is believed to have hit the attacker as he fled the scene. German media reported that the killing took place outside a restaurant where the woman worked as a cleaner. The driver, who was named as Alper K, 21, is thought to be the son of the restaurant owner.

Paramedics attempted to save the woman's life after she sustained head injuries but she died and her body was covered with a white sheet. One eyewitness told German newspaper Bild: He ran with his machete even behind a patrol car.

Police spokesman Bjoern Reusch said in a statement that witnesses said the year-old man, who was known to police, was having an argument with the woman, who is believed to have been working at the kebab stand, before attacking her about 4: They also added that the incident 'did not bear the hallmarks of a terrorist attack'.

In the moments after the machete attack, the man could be seen running around close to the scene before he was knocked over by a car.

The asylum-seeking Syrian man had been involved in previous incidents causing injuries to other people, police said. The spokesman had no immediate information on when the man arrived in Germany, or when the previous incidents took place. He was injured in the collision with the BMW and is currently in hospital, where he has not yet been questioned but is under guard by police.

The attack comes as Germany is on edge, following a rampage at a Munich mall on Friday night in which nine people were killed, and an axe attack on a train a week ago that left five wounded. Some Germans are also fearful of any signs of a rise in crime or lawlessness after the country registered some one million asylum-seekers last year. The attack happened in Reutlingen, south west Germany close to the major city of Stuttgart.

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Mann erschlägt Frau mit Machete - Stuttgart - Bild. Share or comment on this article: NYPD cop, 28, who still lives with his parents sues after Michael Moore takes away mic from David Hogg after teen Fury over 'beheading' art exhibition where the public Kimberly Guilfoyle calls Don Jr 'Big Trump could start attacking disgraced former aide Rob Bewerben Sie sich bei uns für einen Austauschplatz und nutzen Sie diese Chance!

An der UR studieren etwa ausländische Studierende aus 90 verschiedenen Ländern. Wenn Sie sich für Regensburg entschieden haben, erwartet Sie hier eine Universität mit besten Studienbedingungen, einem schönen Campus mit kurzen Wegen, mit ausgezeichneter Qualität in Lehre und Forschung und mit einem hervorragenden Netzwerk verschiedener Organisationen, die darum bemüht sind, Ihnen beim Einleben und bei der Orientierung in Regensburg zu helfen.

Gastwissenschaftler und internationale PhD-Studierende können sich an das Welcome Center für Unterstützung bei der Wohnungssuche wenden. Viele ausländische Studierende möchten an der Universität Regensburg oder am Universitätsklinikum ein Praktikum absolvieren.

Hier bekommen Praktikanten und Betreuer wichtige Informationen zu den Rahmenbedingungen wie Versicherung, Unterkunft und Praktikumsabkommen. Hier bekommen Sie einen Überblick über die Angebote für Flüchtlinge. Visa, Formalitäten, Unterkunft und Krankenversicherung. Zusätzlich unterstützen wir Sie gern, falls Sie mit Familie nach Regensburg kommen, z. Für Promovenden, die sich an der UR einschreiben wollen, haben wir auch hilfreiche Informationen zusammengestellt.

Das International Office ist die wichtigste Beratungsstelle für alle, die entweder ins Ausland gehen möchten z. Die Grundlage hierfür bilden verschiedene Richtlinien und Vereinbarungen, die den internationalen Austausch erleichtern und verlässliche Rahmenbedingungen liefern.

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