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Wie wird das Wetter heute in Michelstadt?

Listed by Michel in Germany proper. Heuss Sideways Watermark called for in Lindner, Lighthouse but in Block of 8 5pf x2, 8pf x1, 10pf x2, 20pf x3. In Germany started issuing an "Ersttagsblatt" for each issue. Over the Years, these ETB's have changed designs and become popular both with Germany-oriented collectors and topical collectors.

We often have collections available as well as individual ETB's. Please let us know your interests. Broken line in the upper left edge of the right upper insect under i in the word "Segellibelle". For the Self-adhesive Sites Definitives issued in Booklets in , please refer to Scott , and Dohnanyi with at Upper Right in a pinkish face. Of the 3, stamps issued, relatively few have been found.

Presumably most have been discarded as they are quite similar, to the non-philatelic eye, to the normal stamp. This Rarity is a must for every serious Germany collector.

Time payments are possible. Please order with caution as Scott has changed numbers in the edition. Please order with care as Scott has changed numbers. Viena, Baviera y Praga. Jueves hasta Noviembre Austria, Eslovenia, Italia y Alemania.

Recorre Austria, Italia, Alemania y Eslovenia. Frankfurt, Mainz, Colonia, Heidelberg y Espira. Descubre toda la belleza del Rhin. Circuito Selva Negra Alemania y Alsacia. Descubre las maravillas de la Selva Negra.

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