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Retrieved from " https: These results give the CDU an absolute majority on town council.

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He furthermore won the municipal election in which nobody stood against him, earning These results give the CDU an absolute majority on town council. Many Deidesheim estate owners were able to use their strong financial bases for activities at higher levels of government.

After the German Empire was founded in , two Deidesheimers were elected as Members of the Reichstag: He held a mandate from to Josef Giessen from to and Franz Tafel from to , from to and from to The latter also had a seat in the Frankfurt Parliament.

After the Second World War , one more Deidesheimer went into state politics: Deidesheim maintains town partnerships with the following towns: Because it has been destroyed twice, the castle has been subject to profound building alterations. On the Martensberg mountain , some 2. It is believed to have been built in the 9th or 10th century, but never used for its intended purpose. Its utterly ruined state today is merely from the ravages of time, not war. The Deidesheimer Spital is a short-term residence for seniors with a year history full of changes.

It was endowed by the Deidesheim knight Nikolaus von Böhl and served over time as both a civilian and military hospital. In an air raid on the Spital in the Second World War , nine people lost their lives. The former synagogue was built in the mid 19th century by the Jewish community.

With its dissolution in the time of the Third Reich , the building was liquidated and used for a few decades as a storehouse. In the late s, the building was placed under monumental protection and later bought by the town of Deidesheim.

Since its renovation about the turn of the millennium, the former synagogue has been used for cultural events. After sustaining heavy damage in the Nine Years' War , it was built, this time in the Baroque style.

The historic council chamber inside was done in Renaissance Revival style in Stained glass in the windows from the same year shows the coats of arms of resident landed families. In the building has been since the Museum für Weinkultur , whose exhibits reflect the history of winegrowing.

This historical situation grew over time into a folk festival. It has been celebrated in its current form since and quickly grew into one of the biggest wine festivals along the German Wine Route. The festival is always held on the second and third weekends of August, each time from Friday to Tuesday. At the fair, wineries and clubs from throughout the Verbandsgemeinde run temporary bars. The Deidesheimer Advent is a Christmas market held on the four weekends in Advent.

It has been held since For the mulled wine that is served then, only wines from the Verbandsgemeinde of Deidesheim may be used, which also applies to the wine fair. The recipient further gets a free stay in Deidesheim for a duration of four weeks and a three-bottle-a-day allowance in wine; furthermore, he or she automatically becomes a vineyard leaseholder in the Prominenten vineyard in the Deidesheimer Paradiesgarten.

Some vineyards and plots of greatly varying size are known to have been within the limits of Deidesheim, Niederkirchen , Forst and Ruppertsberg ; they stretched partly across municipal boundaries as they now exist they were not assigned until With the amendment to the Rhineland-Palatinate Wine Law in , the Deidesheim vineyards were newly organized. All together, the Einzellagen have an area of Long before there were domesticated grapes, wild grapes grew in the area around Deidesheim.

It is said to be certain, however, that wine was being made in Central Europe no earlier than the beginning of the Christian Era. Whether it was being done at Deidesheim at this time is a matter of speculation: Unambiguous evidence of any winegrowing right near Deidesheim in Roman times, however, is lacking.

About winegrowing in the Middle Ages little is known. In , Deidesheim was named for the first time in a document from Fulda Abbey as being a winegrowing centre. In the early 19th century, an important change took hold in winegrowing in the Palatinate. The Deidesheim landowner Andreas Jordan therein became the first to produce Qualitätswein. Well known to him was the worth of the late harvest of noble-rot-bearing grapes at Schloss Johannisberg , and this selective principle he also followed in his own winery.

As a result of this striving for quality, which later the other local winemakers also made their own, Deidesheim wines earned themselves great repute in the 19th century. By implementing his ideas in production and marketing, Andreas managed to earn Qualitätswein prizes, becoming very wealthy and able to expand his winery appreciably. They bear the names Geheimer Rat Dr.

The winemakers who joined were offered a common wine cellar and common marketing. A further association, formed by small winemakers in , was the Winzergenossenschaft , which merged with the Winzerverein in Beginning in — and therefore somewhat later than in other parts of the Palatinate — a Flurbereinigung process was undertaken near Deidesheim, which gave the area a new look.

The last Flurbereinigung operation was finished in These processes allowed winemakers to save on the cost of harvesting, as this could now more easily be done with tractors and harvesting machines. There are 85 winegrowing operations each cultivating an area of at least 0. At this time, In Deidesheim a considerable catering and lodging industry has sprung up, which can easily be traced to the winegrowing and its widespread fame. Since winegrowing and tourism profit from each other, they are to a certain extent dependent on each other.

In Deidesheim there are many hotels and pensions whose capacity is some beds. Tourism offers the most jobs in town; this development owes itself to rationalization measures in the winegrowing sector. Furthermore, there are also forms for requests of any kind and a lost-and-found. A local committee put forth a suggestion in to build a railway line from Neustadt to Dürkheim in Frankenthal , a request that was granted on 3 February by the administration of the Pfälzische Ludwigsbahn.

One of the eight signers from the local committee was the Deidesheim landowner Ludwig Andreas Jordan. To carry out this project, a company was formed, the Neustadt-Dürkheimer Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft , which was later absorbed by the Gesellschaft der Pfälzischen Nordbahnen.

Until the late 19th century, Deidesheim grew into an important goods station. Important commodities that were handled here were dung, wood, coal and wine. Moreover, basalt , mined near the Pechsteinkopf mountain and transported to Deidesheim station by cableway , was loaded here. Goods transport, though, dwindled through to the s until it was discontinued.

Since then, there have only been passenger trains. Over the link afforded by the Neustadt—Bad Dürkheim line, each of those towns can be reached from the other in roughly 10 minutes by rail. The trains run half-hourly in both directions throughout the day. Deidesheim is furthermore linked to the two bus routes Neustadt—Bad Dürkheim and Deidesheim— Ludwigshafen. Public transport in Deidesheim is within the area covered by the VRN tariff structures.

Likewise weekly, the public journal of the Verbandsgemeinde of Deidesheim is delivered to every household in Deidesheim. The Deidesheimer Hof became the second five-star hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate in since the classification was introduced in In the house was leased to Japanese investors.

Since it has belonged to the Niederberger Group. The foundation stone for this wine estate was laid by Andreas Jordan — , who with his ideas promoted the production and marketing of Palatine Qualitätsweine. The winery is a member of the VDP; in it was bought by the Neustadt entrepreneur Achim Niederberger and now belongs to his business group. The winery came into being through the so-called Jordansche Teilung see Winegrowing history above ; its first owner and founder was Friedrich Deinhard — from Koblenz whose father Johann Friedrich Deinhard had founded the Deinhard firm.

Since late , it has belonged to the Niederberger Group. In this business, which once dealt purely with winegrowing, Klaus Reis began to build a Sekt wine cellar after the Second World War alongside the bottle wholesale business founded by his father Johannes. It was founded in by Josef Biffar, who had dealt much with the process of candying.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Location of Deidesheim within Bad Dürkheim district. Statistisches Bundesamt in German. Archived from the original on Berühmte Weinorte - Deidesheim. GmbH Archived at the Wayback Machine. Towns and municipalities in Bad Dürkheim. Retrieved from " https: In unserer kostenfreien Wanderpartner Börse findest du nicht nur Menschen zum gemeinsamen Wandern , denn unsere Wanderer haben noch viel mehr Interessen!

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