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In terms that resound with desperation he exhorts his men to take extreme measures against the coming Allies invasion, going so far as to suggest suicide attacks.

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Pilzbefall oder Verdacht auf Lungenerkrankung? Betrachten Sie aufmerksam Ihre Fingernägel. Nur zu wenig getrunken? The Allies lose over Sherman tanks in the assault. By the 22 nd , however, the British have cleared southern Caen.

Adolf Hitler Directive No. The Battle for the Karelian Isthmus ends with a defensive victory for Finland. Three soviet armies make excellent early progress, but are unable to achieve the objectives laid down in their orders of June The Soviet military leadership orders its troops in Finland to go over to the defensive on the 11 th. A Union force under Major General A.

Smith fights a major engagement with confederate troops at Tupelo. A Solution to the situation in the Vietnam is even more pressing. WWII , , Kursk. With the Battle of Kursk still raging since early July the largest single tank engagement of the war broke out on July On the outskirts of the south of Prokhorovka, the Germans tried to break through the enemy lines.

The Soviets were well prepared and fought to the death. Over tanks fought that day including the Tiger. Veteran Reserve Corps units made up of men physically unable to survive campaign life but still able to do duty, man the forts as Grant detached his VI Corps and sends it north.

They can tell they are too strong to take, especially as the veterans of VI Corps file into position among the earthworks. As word comes that the attempt to free the Point Lookout prisoners has failed, Early withdraws slowly back into the Valley and easily repulses a feebly attempt at pursuit. The move on Washington has, however, been a success. The Valley is in Confederate hands once again. Instead, he will head south, link up with the Army of the James and capture Petersburg, south of Richmond, forcing Lee to fight there.

The Battle of Monocacy. This lee ordered Early to drive toward Washington. He turned north, and quickly reoccupied Winchester on July 2. Early then sent part of his army to Harpers Ferry, while the rest headed toward Martinsburg, West Virginia. Then, he united his command in Maryland, just across the Potomac River. Early send one cavalry brigade to Baltimore to try to free some 18, Confederates held prisoners at Point Lookout, while the rest marched on Washington.

But Early does not move with the speed of Stonewall Jackson. Federals largely drawn from the Baltimore garrison under regional commander Major General Lee Wallace rush to get between Early and Washington. They fall back across the river after some hard fighting, and the Confederates manage to cross the river after them.

However, it is too late to continue forward; Wallace has bought a full day for Washington to prepare its defenses. Decrees dissolving political parties: The Battle of Carthage. DVP and Bavarian Party. After negotiations fail, the British sink one battleship and damage two.

In Britain, two French battleships, nine destroyers, and other craft are acquired with minimal force. French naval forces in Alexandria, Egypt, and disarmed on the 7th. Instead of moving on Winchester, however, he turned east to Charles Town and then withdrew to Harpers Ferry. This lasts until October. U-boat crews inflict serious losses on Allied convoys.

The Germans have formed the first operational unit equipped with Messerschmitt Me jet fighters. The unit will be deployed to France in the near future. In response, the British have increased the number of anti-aircraft guns, fighter aircraft, and barrage balloons. The cost to the US has been 22, casualties, while 39, Germans are taken prisoner. Union cavalry from the failed Staunton River Bridge attack are chased and engaged by pursuing Confederate forces.

The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. On May 5, General Sherman and his three Union armies, totally nearly , men, began moving south out of the Tennessee toward Atlanta, Georgia. The campaign became one of maneuver as Sherman moved to get behind Johnston, and the latter shifted to block him.

For a month the two forces moved deeper into Georgia as they battled each other, yet Sherman avoided committing his troops to a full attack. Instead, he used his superior numbers to turn Johnston out of his defenses.

At dawn today, Union formations advance toward the well-entrenched Confederates. Diversionary attacks against the Confederate flanks have little effect. An assault against Pigeon Hill, south of Kennesaw Mountain, is met by deadly fire, forcing the attackers to withdraw. The main assault occurs just south of Pigeon Hill, where 8, Union troops are ordered to advance at a run using only fixed bayonets.

The advance soon degenerates into confusion as men are halted by concentrated fire from the earthworks to their front. The battle has proved to be a disaster. Union casualties for the day total 3,; Confederate losses are After the battle Sherman decides to return to his strategy of maneuver, flanking Johnston to the west and racing for the Chattahoochie River and Atlanta.

Johnston has no choice but to move south, hoping once again to entice Sherman into battle on ground favorable to defense. South Vietnam, US Aid: With the deactivation of the 3rd Marine Amphibious Brigade, the US Marine participation in the Vietnam War is over after six years and three months of conducting combat operations.

Troops and tanks of the 15th and 43rd and 11th Armored Divisions make good initial progress, but are then halted following very heavy losses. The 3rd Marine Amphibious Brigade deactivates its headquarters. Union cavalry spend three days tearing up Confederate rail lines, but are prevented from destroying lines over the Staunton River Bridge by the Confederate Home Guard.

The Red Army launches its Belorussian offensive. Four fronts — 1st Baltic, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Belorussian, comprising 1. The Soviets have a four-to-one superiority in tanks and aircraft. The British 2nd Division reach the defenders of Imphal, but Japanese resistance continues. Following bitter fighting, it finally falls on the 26th. The attack fails, but costs the Confederacy over 1, men.

The British retreat into Egypt, losing Tobruk to the Afrika Korps following an intense battle to the south of the port. Rommel is promoted to field marshal. The Afrika Korps now has three divisions with supporting units and under Rommel are three Italian corps, including elite Italian armoured forces.

Rommel is at the end of a very long and vulnerable supply line. The British, on the other hand, are receiving fresh supplies on a daily basis. They do not reach the railroad, but increase the extent of their siege lines. As American units redeploy back to bases in the United States and throughout Asia, the US military strength in the Republic of Vietnam is down to , The fighting is hard; the Germans give ground grudgingly.

On hearing of the US assault on Saipan, the Japanese Combined Fleet, under Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa, puts to sea immediately with five heavy and four light carriers, five battleships, 11 heavy and two light cruisers, and 28 destroyers.

Aircraft on either side total Japanese 9including based on Guam, Rota, and Yap and American. Ozawa launches an attack in four waves, while Mitscher, on discovering the enemy aircraft, sends out his interceptors.

Disaster strikes Ozawa immediately, for US submarines sink the carriers Taibo and Shokaku, and US fighters shoot down many of his aircraft. US losses are 30 aircraft and slight damage to a battleship. On the 20th, Mitscher launches aircraft, which sink another carrier and two oil tankers, and seriously damage several other vessels.

While the Americans lose 20 aircraft, Ozawa loses another 65, although many US aircraft are forced to ditch into the sea. Built in England, the Alabama mounted eight guns and could reach a speed of more than 13 knots under steams. Starting in august , it destroyed 68 Union vessels in 22 months — without injuring the crews. The sailors boarded the enemy merchantmen and took their seamen prisoners before destroying the vessels. The Kearsarge waited outside the port.

The Alabama sails out to fight but is sunk in a one-hour battle. Semmes goes over the side but is picked up by the Deerhound, a yacht filled with sightseers. They take him to England to avoid capture. Hitler has ordered the garrison to fight to the death.

The chaplain Vladimir Petrek hid them in the crypt under the floor. Here, members of the Czech Fire Brigade have had to pump water into the crypt in an attempt to flush out their countrymen after they had been engaged in a heroic battle against SS units. The remaining parachutists take their own lines with their last rounds of ammunition. The Battle of Lynchburg. A Union attempt to take the Confederate rail and canal depots at Lynchburg fails through lack of supplies, and opens the Shenandoah Valley for a Rebel offensive into Maryland.

In response, the Japanese Combined Fleet is ordered to gather. On the island itself, landings are conducted on the west coast by the US 2nd and 4th Marine Divisions. Union Major General Benjamin F. Butler and his Army of the James land at Bermuda Hundred, a neck of land north of City Point at the confluence of the James and Appomattox rivers, only 15 miles 25km south of Richmond. However, the Union forces are stopped at Petersburg by a Confederate force hastily organized by General P.

Two days later, Lee orders most of his army south to reinforce Petersburg, which is a vital rail center. Confederate forces set up lines of fortifications southeast of the city that cannot be breached by frontal assault. Instead, Grant keeps his army attacking to the west and south. In late August Union forces cut the railroad running south.

Grant attacked again in late September and late October, extending the siege lines to 35 miles 56km and threatening the last rail lines open to Lee. The Second Battle of Winchester. The Confederates victory at Winchester clears a path for their invasion. South Vietnam, Ground War: Before its ending in November of the same year, the North Vietnamese will lose close to troops killed in action. These areas are chosen because they are within range of the greatest possible number of Japanese island airbases, thereby counterbalancing US Aircraft carrier superiority.

In the four-week operation, the leathernecks will kill over enemy soldiers and capture 7. The Marines suffer 35 killed and wounded in action. The Battle of Trevilian Station. To meet this threat, Lee Sends two brigades west under Breckinridge, as well as most of his cavalry under Wade Hampton. As Lee is on the move, however, he is hit by a Union cavalry division, led by a brigade commanded by a young brigadier general, George A.

Custer, that drives his brigades back, and captures a number of wagons. Hampton is outnumbered and falls back, to be joined by Fitzhugh Lee on the 11th. Both sides prepared to renew the fight the next day. The Federals attacked, the Confederates held, and at the end of the day Sheridan fell back to Grant, his mission of joining Hunter foiled.

A Large Confederate attack force attempts to take the town of Cynthiana. It captures around 1, Federal prisoners today, but will be pushed back by Union reinforcements tomorrow. In retaliation, the small town of Oradour-sur-Glane is chosen as the target for a brutal reprisal, one intended to be a lesson to the people of France. The men of the village are herded into barns, the woman and children into the church, and the whole town is set on fire.

Those who flee are machine-gunned. In total, people are killed, with only 10 able to feign death and escape. Although there is very little evidence to support his assumption, Frank decides that Lidice should be punished for having harboured the assassins. The men were separated from the woman and children. They were told to take food to last for three days and any valuables if they so wished. The woman and children were taken to the schoolhouse and the men to the farm of the Horak family.

At the school there were two SS men with two suitcases where they were told to deposit their valuables. Then they assembled in the classroom and were checked against their police identity cards to ensure all were present. Trucks to the city of Kladno then transported women and children. Some men were killed and the woman and children were sent to concentration camps.

On June 12 it was announced that the village of Lidice had been destroyed. The village was then bulldozed and it took volunteers almost a year to raze it completely.

The Siege of Petersburg. The Soviets, in an effort to drive the Finns back to the frontier and compel them to make peace, launch a major offensive with two armies. The offensive is preceded by sustained barrage from guns and rocket-launchers.

In addition, there is evidence that the Czech puppet government, headed by President Emil Hacha and his staff, was supporting the Nazi attitude that a great crime had been committed when Heydrich was killed.

Hitler bestows upon him the German order, the highest party and state award. It is well known that Heydrich kept files on all the leading Nazis, even on Hitler himself, and many are relieved to see him dead. However, 50, Czech workers march in protest in Prague on the day of the funeral, angry about the assassination. Heydrich is buried with full military honours at the Invalidenfriedhof cemetery.

The retreat is reversed by two Union gunboats. The Allies launch the greatest amphibious operation in history. The statistics for the invasion force are staggering; 50, men for the initial assault; over two million men to be shipped to France in all, comprising a total of 39 divisions; major warships used in the assault, with a further smaller combat vessels; over mine sweepers and auxiliary vessels; landing craft; merchant ships; 59 blockships; 30o miscellaneous small craft; and 11, aircraft, including fighters, bombers, transports and gliders.

In addition, the invasion force has the support over , members of the French Resistance, who launched hit-and-run attacks on German targets. D-day, the Allied invasion of Normandy, code-named Operation Overlord, begins with the assault of three airborne divisions — the US 82nd and st on the right flank of the US forces, and the British 6th Airborne on the left flank of the British — while seaborne forces land on five beaches.

The initial parachute and seaborne landings have mixed results; on Utah resistance is slight and the troops are off the beach by hours; on Omaha the lack of specialized armor means the Germans can pin down the troops on the beach, with great slaughter; on Gold and Juno the specialized armor of the British and Canadians allow the troops to get off the beaches quickly, and by the afternoon they are probing inland toward Bayeux and Caen; and on Sword the troops are able to link up with airborne units that have been dropped farther inland.

However, it is defeated. By the end of the day, at a cost of dead, the Allies have a toehold in German-occupied Europe. The Battle of Piedmont. Jones is killed and the Federals take nearly 1, prisoners. Piedmont is a disaster for the Confederates in the Shenandoah Valley. The combined Union force then advances on Lynchburg. In response to Piedmont, Robert E. Heydrich dies from septicemia — caused by foreign bodies — in Prague at the Bulov hospital.

The day Battle of Kohima ends with the remnants of the Japanese 31st Division withdrawing in good order. It is the lack of supplies, rather than the attacks of the British and Indian forces, which has forced the Japanese to fall back. The fighting at Kohima has been among the most savage of the whole war.

The Battle of Cold Harbor. The major Union attack begins at It is a disaster from the start. Only three corps at the southern end of the Union line press forward.

They are met by a devastating crossfire from entrenched Confederate infantry and artillery. One division alone loses more than 1, men. Within half an hour the assault stops under the sheer weight of fire, but Grant does not call off the attack until midday, ordering his men to dig in where they can.

The two armies confront each along these battle lines until June Grant later wrote that he regretted that the last attack at Cold Harbor was ever made. Cold Harbor cost the Union army 7, casualties for no gain at all. The Confederates only suffered about 1, casualties.

Lee had held Grant once again, but despite the slaughter could not stop the Union advance. On June 12, Grant began to withdraw his troops and advance once again toward the south, crossing the James River to threaten Petersburg. US troops enter the city on the 5th — the first Axis capital to be captured. North Vietnam, International Relations: The Polis Delegation, following the Soviet line, rejects this. A 7-miles 11km front has formed extending from Bethesda Church to the Chickahominy River with Cold Harbor in the center.

Two Union corps launched a fierce attack but are repulsed. They are then counterattacked by two divisions of infantry ordered up by Lee. Eisenhower considers the problem and phones Leigh-Mallory later that night. The air chief is told that the attack on Utah must go ahead and the airborne drop must go in to support it, though the risks, Eisenhower admits are great.

Instead of landing around St. Once these objectives are secure, the division is to move west towards the Douve. Pacific, Papua New Guinea: The first tank battle of the pacific campaign is fought on the Biak Island, off New Guinea, between Japanese and Americans. It is a US victory. The army of the Potomac is just 11 miles 18 km northeast of Richmond.

Named for an old tavern, Cold Harbor is only a few miles north of the Chickahominy River, the last natural obstacle between the Union troops and Richmond. If Grant gains control of it, his route south is open once again. His far left flank is at Bethesda Church, several miles north of Cold Harbor.

Both Grant and Lee begin to concentrate their armies around it. Totopotomoy Creek to the east, a main highway to Richmond that leads to Mechanicsville.

The Confederate General Early sees an opportunity to turn its flank and receives permission from Lee to try it. Then they attack, brushing through skirmishers in their drive to roll up the Union flank. Federal Infantry and artillery quickly come to the assistance of the threatened post.

The Battle of Enon Church. The Army of the Potomac has been probing Confederate positions before pulling out and recrossing the North Anna for yet another swing to the Confederate left. Grant has moved his army along the Pamunkey River toward Hanovertown only 15 miles 24km from Richmond.

With Lee and his subordinates ill, Grant has been able to steal a march, reaching Hanovertown — from where he has a number of options — to head toward Richmond, with three infantry corps in position by this afternoon.

No Confederate infantry are there to oppose him. The Confederates gather at Atlee, a station only 9 miles 14km from Richmond along the Virginia Central Railroad and 10 miles 16km west from the Federals at Hanovertown.

He then sends this force to Haws shop to probe the enemy. It runs into Union cavalry which, on seeing the Confederates, organizes a charge. The Confederates dismount and form a battle line on either side of a road at a clearing from Enon Church.

There from behind fence rails piled up as a defensive work, they drive back the Federal charges again and again. The Union cavalry is reinforced by another division, and its Michigan Brigade is sent in with a dismounted charge that finally overruns the Confederate lines. The Confederates make their way back to their horses and dash off while the exhausted Federals watch them go and made no attempt to pursue. In this inconclusive battle Union losses are , Confederate A plan, implemented in London for the assassination of Heydrich, is carried out by British-trained Czech assassins.

This decision has always caused speculation, as he was the only Nazi leader thus targeted. In late spring of , a section of Czech soldiers flew from England and were dropped outside Prague. Heydrich, possibly through bravado, rode in an open-topped, unprotected car on his way from his residence to the palace. The assassination team struck during the journey. Heydrich was injured and drew his pistol. Then the Czech Sten gun jammed.

Heydrich was about to pursue the assassin when a grenade, thrown by another member, Kubis, exploded, impregnating him with horsehair stuffing and pieces of metal springs from the car seat.

Heydrich died of his injuries on 4 June The Confederates are forced to abandon defensive lines around Dallas after several days of heavy fighting and a Union move toward the railhead at Allatoona Pass. The Germans launch an air glider, and mortar attack on the partisan headquarters at Divar, in which Marshall Tito Narrowly escapes capture.

The Battle of New Hope Church. Steady gains are made by the Allies, although taking the Adolf Hitler Line, which runs from Terracina on the coast along the Foni to Pico road to Pontecorvo and across the Liri valley through Aquino and Piedmonte to Monte Cairo, does result in heavy Allied losses. Once again the Germans have proved adept at defense. The Civil War, May , Grant Ultimately outflanks the position to advance on Richmond. The Answer is Omaha. Two codewords appearing within three weeks in the same series of crosswords is, for some, surely stretching coincidence.

Air Campaign, Rail Targets: The Decision is made to extend attacks on the French rail network and make moving trains legitimate targets. Until now these have been forbidden, because the trains may be civilian ones.

But this policy has changed. By now the bomb damage to the French rail system has been so extensive that the only movement on the network is expected to be German military. By the end of the day Eighth Army Air Force alone claims 91 locomotives destroyed out of attacked. The Battle of Ware Bottom Church.

Confederate forces make a major attack against the Bermuda Hundred Line near Ware Bottom Church, pushing back the Federal troops into their defenses and freeing up soldiers to provide reinforcements for Lee at Cold Harbor. Only three of the escaped prisoners — two Norwegians and a Dutchman — reach England.