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Huge trove of dinosaur fossils found in Antarctica

The vertebral column was unspecialized and bore little indication of the cavernous excavations that were to come in later sauropod vertebrae, nor did it show projections that were to buttress the sauropod vertebral column.

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Activity-related bone fractures have been documented in ceratopsians. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Timeline of ceratopsian research.

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Colepiocephale Gravitholus Hanssuesia Stegoceras Texacephale. Albalophosaurus Micropachycephalosaurus Stenopelix Yinlong. Ajkaceratops Bagaceratops Breviceratops Gobiceratops Platyceratops. Turanoceratops Zuniceratops Ceratopsidae see below.

Centrosaurus Coronosaurus Rubeosaurus Spinops Styracosaurus. Eotriceratops Nedoceratops Ojoceratops Regaliceratops Tatankaceratops?

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Horse hobbles were a vital tool by Delbert Trew Of all the cowboy gear used down through history, horse hobbles are among the most important. These restraints around the front legs of your mount allowed him to graze in a limited fashion yet kept him from traveling very far or very fast Horses enabled Comanches to rule Texas by Delbert Trew Comanche culture was built around the use of horses for all reasons. Many stories and theories have been written about how the Indians acquired horses.

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That Old Steer by Archie P. Eckhardt When the Burnham brothers of Marble Falls first created the varmint call, back in the '50s, the devices were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are today Ghost Towns and Town Ghosts". Something about their especially soulful faces and incredible voices has always touched me deeply Krueger "Adena Lewis called asking us to bring our dogs to a casting call for the movie "The Tree of Life" that was soon to be filmed in Smithville.

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In his own way, Cisco did the same thing Ray Maxie Ark-La-Tex area sportsmen often enjoy hunting wild brush rabbits. Some even make a specialty of it. Have Ashes, Will Travel by Maggie Van Ostrand Markus, my beloved canine companion who had been with me for over 14 adventure filled years, had passed away Baker Sadie of Corpus Christi, sometimes it takes a dog to bring out the best in humans.

My dog will never forgive me if I come home empty handed Ninotchka by Maggie Van Ostrand She was a blue-eyed creature of enormous beauty, so beautiful that she was named after a Greta Garbo film heroine. The team camped on Vega Island and often hiked over rough terrain to reach the field site on Sandwich Bluff. Salisbury right and his team had quite the journey to reach the field site, as they began their voyage flying to South American, where they hopped on a ship to the Antarctic Peninsula.

The team camped on Vega Island and often hiked over rough terrain to reach the field site on Sandwich Bluff, which is about six miles away. Six weeks of camping in the frigid temperatures of Antarctica and a six mile hike to and from the field site, is what 12 scientists endured while researching the end of the age of dinosaurs.

They discovered a giant nautaloid left and fossil wood right among the ton of fossils unearthed at the field site. It's a very hard place to work, but it's an even harder place to get to. The team spent six weeks in the wasteland of Antarctica, studying the end of the age of dinosaurs. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Tuesday, Sep 11th 5-Day Forecast. Huge trove of dinosaur fossils found in Antarctica Huge trove of dinosaur fossils found in Antarctica: Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Defiant residents on The Rock Julie Chen skips season premiere of The Talk after Les Jeffrey Dahmer's temple of skulls: United Airlines passengers are stunned when pilot changes Middle-aged British man is shot dead by police on the SAS reservist was found dead 'sitting upright with his Bill Cosby's sex scandal led to Geoffrey Owens' working Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges quietly comes out as 'not Shocking moment a bolt of lightning barely misses a New The meteoric rise - and stunning fall - of 'Mr TV' Les Cleaning up his act?

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