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Dort wurde er von einem etwa Jahre alten Südländer angesprochen und gebeten Geld zu wechseln. Als der ältere Herr sich in sein Fahrzeug setzte um dem Wunsch nachzukommen, Der Jährige stürzte und verletzte sich dabei leicht. Der Schal wurde durch die Unbekannten angezündet. Die Polizei Gütersloh sucht Zeugen. Wer kann Angaben zu der Sachbeschädigung machen?

Nachdem drei Personen offenbar lautstark gestritten hatten, griff ein Mann aus der Gruppe zu einem Blumentopf. Durch Zeugen konnte er davon abgehalten werden, mit diesem auf die beiden anderen Männer Der Tank des Baggers wurde aufgebrochen und der Kraftstoff wurde abgezapft.

Wer hat rund um die angegebene Tatzeit am Tatort Der Geschädigte konnte einem Angriff ausweichen. Als im Anschluss daran die Polizei hinzukam, rannten Das Neueste via Facebook. Largely through the use of village and personal shrines, they also share animist beliefs in order to maintain a productive relationship with the spiritual world.

They achieve this specifically through regular interaction with spirits called thila, which inhabit a wide range of natural areas and man-made objects, such as bateba , or anthropomorphic shrine figures that are now also well recognized in the art world.

Thila are ambivalent beings that require regular offerings--via sacrifice-- in exchange for a wide range of protective and benevolent actions. They are intermediaries with Thangba Yu, the remote Creator God. The name Lobi originates from two Lobiri words: The Mouhoun River is important to Lobi peoples for many reasons. In terms of migration history, it marks an escape from slave raiders in present day Ghana.

In myth, it symbolizes a dividing line between this world and the next, similar to the River Styx of Roman mythology. The Lobi crossed the Mounhoun centuries ago from east to west and settled in the lands and brought with them deep animist beliefs and superstition. According to Lobi legend, the spirits of the deceased must return across the river to rejoin their honorable ancestors in the ancient world. The banks of the Mounhoun are used in initiation rites and fish and animals in the river are considered sacred.

The Lobi inhabit parts of southern Burkina Faso. According to the director of the museum in Gaoua which is considered to be the capital of the Lobi, "The Lobi is a farmer, a hunter and a herder, but above all he is a warrior".

Victims of slave raids, rival clans and civil disputes, they are among the fiercest and proudest inhabitants of Burkina Faso and were constantly under attack from the Guiriko and Kenedougou empires during the 19th century. Bakary Ouattara, brother of the founder of the Guiriko empire led an offensive against the Lobi in , and despite setting fire to several villages he was eventually killed by a poisoned arrow.

He was succeeded by Karakara who continued with the raids leading up to the devastating attack in where they suffered heavily and lost a great deal but were never completely defeated.

In June , the French and the British made an agreement that the Lobi country would go under French jurisdiction. Attempts at controlling the peoples was difficult and the Lobi became known for their resistance using poisoned arrows in attempting to thwart the French colonial invasion.

In , during the outbreak of World War I , the French colonial administration based in Gaoua began a merciless repression to the extent that the local were forbidden in copying any traits of the white man in the area.

The Lobi are well documented for their animist beliefs, which involves regular interaction with ancestral and other types of spirits such as thila and kontuoursi. Interaction with these spirits commonly takes place in a thilduu domestic shrine room , dithil village shrine , and at other places in nature inhabited by spirits. Christian missionaries working in southern Burkina Faso have reported that an elderly man in a Lobi village once renounced the spirits in favor of Christianity by discarding his fetishes in a nearby lake.

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