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Analyse the part played by Cuba in the development of the Cold War. Examine the aims and achievements of health policies in two democratic states.


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Nachdem er mehrere Jahre in unterschiedlichste musikalische Projekte involviert war, u. So auch für Komplizen , 10 und Die ganze Zeit. Sashas neues Album erschien im Februar Geburtstag des Tages der deutschen Einheit 3. Sie trug den Titel Hautnah und fand in intimer Atmosphäre kleiner Clubs statt, wo Edo Zanki sowohl eigene Songs als auch seine Lieblingsstücke anderer Künstler spielte.

April ist sein neues Album Zu viele Engel erschienen. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Plaque on the wall of the building exhorting never to forget. Today the New Synagogue houses the Centrum Judaicum , dedicated to documenting Jewish culture and acting as a bridge between eastern and western European Jewry. The Jewish Hospital used by the Gestapo from as an assembly point for Jews being deported. Once a top Berlin facility, it gradually became a clearinghouse for Jews facing transport to the camps.

The Nazis apparently wanted the Jews healthy before sending them off to die. According to its website , it "is the only institution in the whole of Germany to survive the Nazi terror and is the oldest still-existing establishment founded on a concept developed by people of Jewish belief.

Berlin city hall in during Berlin's th anniversary, decked with swastikas. The building was heavily damaged by Allied bombing in World War II and rebuilt to the original plans between and Following that time, it housed only those of the Soviet sector.

After German reunification, the administration of reunified Berlin officially moved into the Rotes Rathaus on 1 October The fiercest fighting broke out in the city's centre on April Borisov and the th Regiment commander Colonel M.

Zagorodsky of the th Rifle Division. Bobylev's battalion was set the mission of breaking through to the Town Hall and capturing it jointly with Major M. Alexeyev's battalion supported by tanks and self-propelled artillery. Our men were met by such a strong avalanche of fire that further advance along the street was simply impossible. It was decided to break into the Town Hall through the walls by breaching them with explosives.

Under enemy fire, the sappers blew in the walls one by one. The smoke had not had time to disperse before assault groups rushed through the breaches and cleared the building adjacent to the Town Hall from the enemy after hand-to-hand fighting.

Tanks and self-propelled guns were committed to battle. Firing a few shots they smashed the heavy wrought-iron gates of the Town Hall, breaching the walls whilst setting up a smokescreen. The whole building was engulfed in think smoke. Madenov's platoon was the first to break in.

Kashpurovsky and others acted bravely together with the daring lieutenant. Every room was fought for. Gromov, climbed up on the roof and, having thrown down the Nazi flag on the pavement, hoisted the Red Banner. Konstantin Gromov was granted the title Hero of the Soviet Union for heroism and courage displayed in these battles.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Between and and i mmediately after the war. The church was partially destroyed during a bombing raid in Following the war, several different options for the church 's redevelopment were considered, including the construction of a new church made from glass in the old church 's ruins, and also its complete demolition and replacement with a new structure.

Eventually it was decided to leave the ruined tower as a memorial to the futility of war, or specifically to remember German civilian victims killed in British retaliatory bombings and create a new church around it with a breathtakingly ugly building next to it for some reason.

The new church was consecrated on May 25, - the same day as the new Coventry Cathedral. On Breitscheidplatz, its eastern terminus, the landmark Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche stands quiet and dignified amid the roar.

The adjacent octagonal hall of worship, added in , has intensely midnight-blue windows and a giant golden Jesus floating above the altar On 14 November the Germans obliterated the city centre of Coventry including its Gothic cathedral from the 14th and 15th century.

Already in January the people of Coventry held mass again in the burnt out church, having rebuilt an altar from rubble, and using charcoaled beams as the holy cross and made a cross with three hand-forged nails they found in the rubble.

On 7 January , on the occasion of the inauguration of the Memorial Hall, the Nail Cross of Coventry was given to Kaiser-Wilhelm- Gedächtniskirche as a gift where it remains as a reminder of peace and reconciliation. July 19, and standing in front and inside, next to the Cross of Coventry which has a prominent place in the Memorial Hall of Gedächtniskirche. It is alien in this noisy life. Walking around it are many people who perhaps have never gazed up at its towers.

That is Berlin West: The heart turned to stone of this city. Here the politics of sixty-million diligent Germans is conducted.

Here one gives and receives the latest market and theatre tips. Here one trades in politics, pictures, stocks, love, film, theatre , government, and the general welfare. The Gedächtniskirche is never lonely. Day plunges suddenly into night and night becomes day without there having been a moment of silence around it. The eternal repetition of corruption and decay, of failing ingenuity and genuine creative power, of inner emptiness and despair, with the patina of a Zeitgeist sunk to the level of the most repulsive pseudoculture: Return of Evil to Merkel's Germany.

From what I have managed to read, the executioner went out of his way to make the ordeal as degrading as possible, a task he apparently relished. Hundreds more would follow, both at Plotzensee and throughout the Reich where persons distantly connected to the plotters and various miscellaneous resistance figures were swept up in the purge.

Hitler had already "eagerly devoured" the arrest reports, information on new groups of suspects, and the statements recorded by interrogators. Now, on the very night of the first trials and executions, the film of the proceedings arrived at the Wolf's Lair for the amusement of the Führer and his guests.

The putsch, he announced to his assembled retinue, was "perhaps the best thing that could have happened for our future. Days later, photographs of the condemned men dangling from hooks still lay about the great map table in his bunker. As his horizons shrank on all sides, Hitler took great satisfaction from this, his last great triumph. The execution chamber at Plötzensee Prison showing the guillotine that was used to behead most victims until the sheer number of executions during the Third Reich made it impractical.

Today there is a memorial inside the gaol commemorating those executed by the Nazis, dedicated on September 14, All that remains now is the execution shed, a small brick building with two rooms, where the victims were either hanged or beheaded. Cadavers of the condemned would be delivered to the anatomical institute at Humboldt University below to be used for dissection under supervision of Professor Stieve.

From an article in Der Spiegel about executions here: Built between and to a design by Heinrich Wolff to house the central bank , the Reichsbank became the Finance Ministry and later headquarters of the Central Committee of the East German Communist Party. Google couldn't explain the error when approached by German mass-circulation daily B. The square had been returned to its current name by 9 p.

The square was originally called Reichskanzlerplatz when it was constructed in the early s. The square's name returned to Reichskanzlerplatz from to , when it was given the name of the first federal president of Germany, Theodor Heuss.

The Funkturm and Ausstellungshallen in Charlottenburg during the Olympics and today. The Nazi-era reliefs on both sides of the portal entrance. Joseph Wackerle reichsadler dating Denkmal der nationalen Erhebung. Reichsadler dating from b y Max Esser at Lüdenscheider Weg near Haselhorster dam within a children's playground.

German Reich Railways Central Office. Through Gleichschaltung , the Nazis placed the rail network under direct government control on 10 February , adding swastikas to the Hoheitsadler on the railcars. Here, at the back of the central office of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, is the stone emblem- a winged wheel- although the swastika relief at the base has been removed.

The chemist's on Potsdamer Platz in and today. Located on Hermannplatz, where Kreuzberg meets Neukolln, the Karstadt department store was one of the most revolutionary buildings to be constructed in Berlin before the War.

Opened in as Europe's biggest department store, it had its own underground station and art deco twin towers that were strikingly reminiscent of a Manhattan skyscraper. Wartime bombs left little of it s original grandeur intact, yet it was promptly rebuilt and is still one of Berlin's most popular department stores. Petty crime skyrocketed as the inhabitants of Berlin turned to looting as a survival strategy. Da waren die beiden bereits ein Paar — und blieben es.

Also überraschte er "seine" Christine einfach im Februar an einem netten Abend zu zweit mit der "Willst-Du-mich-heiraten-Frage". Inklusive "Kniefall und Champagner", gibt der Jährige gerne zu. Sie sagte ohne zu zögern "ja". Vor Recht und Gesetz sollte es aber dann doch in Roth sein. Begründet aus ihrer Leidenschaft für den Triathlon. Darin waren sich die zwei schnell einig — umso mehr, nachdem der 7. Und "rein zufällig" auch noch just passend vor ihrer beider Traum, dem gleichzeitigen Start samt Finish!

Ihre Marschroute für den Wettkampf steht: Und das Andere wird sich morgen zeigen Um selbst einen Kommentar abgeben oder empfehlen zu können, müssen Sie sich einloggen oder sich zuvor registrieren. Bitte beachten Sie unsere Netiquette. Roth, Hilpoltstein vor 3 Stunden Hilpoltstein: Mit Haifisch- und Prinzessinnentüten zum ersten Schultag.

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