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It has been completely recapped and has a new power cord. Interior view shows it is clean and not corroded or water damaged.

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In a deep champagne goblet. But I do like that one to be large and very strong and very cold, and very well-made. I hate small portions of anything, particularly when they taste bad. This drink's my own invention.

I'm going to patent it when I think of a good name. James Bond lives in a nightmarish world where laws are written at the point of a gun, where coercion and rape are considered valour and murder is a funny trick Bond's job is to guard the interests of the property class, and he is no better than the youths Hitler boasted he would bring up like wild beasts to be able to kill without thinking.

It was part of his profession to kill people. He had never liked doing it and when he had to kill he did it as well as he knew how and forgot about it. As a secret agent who held the rare double-O prefix—the licence to kill in the Secret Service—it was his duty to be as cool about death as a surgeon.

If it happened, it happened. Regret was unprofessional—worse, it was a death-watch beetle in the soul. I wish to point out that a man in James Bond's position would never consider using a. It's really a lady's gun — and not a very nice lady at that! Dare I suggest that Bond should be armed with a. That's far more appropriate. In Bond novels and their ilk, the plot must threaten not only our hero but civilization as we know it.

The icing on the cake is using exotic locales that "normal people" only fantasize about visiting, and slipping in essential dollops of sex and violence to build interest. The films didn't influence me at all and nor did the continuation novels. I wanted to get back to the original Bond who's dark and edgy, has quite a sense of irony and humour and is extremely patriotic and willing to sacrifice himself for Queen and country. He is extremely loyal but he has this dark pall over him because he's a hired killer — and he wrestles with that.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. They were not a maker, but designed and contracted their products from some of the better factories and contract manufacturers. This happens to be a very rare radio. The radio is never found and very seldom seen. Note the name came from the highly deco cut out grille.

The radio is subtly shaped in a slightly curved cabinet. The condition is outstanding with a terrific factory finish, and all of the factory installed parts. You will be delighted with the originality and performance from the six-tube super-het chassis.

I bought this at auction out of the famous Mark Stein collection. In forty five years of active collecting, I had never seen another available to own. My technician has done all of the repairs necessary and the radio is a real performer. If you collect deco radios, in fine original condition, you would be hard pressed to find a better set to add to your collection. Before you are one of them, as it is so scarce I have seen only this one.

The radio is so distinctive with the dramatic tulip shaped grille and it has a motor drive allowing the preset of your favorite channels with a push of the button change. The radio is a six-tube model playing on both AM and Shortwave.

The cabinet was refinished by a previous owner and the speaker cloth is an accurate replacement. The balance of the radio is factory original. Les has completed his professional repairs and the radio is a fine player. The motor works great and the radio is like it left the factory. This is a broadcast and shortwave set that plays nicely. It's a twelve-transistor model meant for everyday use. This radio plays well with four "C" cell batteries.

It also includes the original box and Styrofoam insert. The box is worn and tattered but it's certainly better than having no display box! It has a straight telescoping antenna, which swivels at the base. The first rod of the antenna is present but detached. However, the antenna can still be used and is not bent.

Cosmetically this radio is in very nice condition. There are no cracks, chips or dents. No cracks or chips or dents or hairlines. A very clean set you don't see very often. Leather case is in good shape, too. Super solid set, high quality and built well. This one works great with two "AA" batteries. Tube is a bit small for today's batteries but just put them in without tube and you're set.

There are no cracks or chips or hairlines. Grille has easy to miss, subtle concave push bottom center. Made in Japan, they're still wrapped in their original plastic, in the original box, complete with vinyl carry cases, instructions, and intact warranty card. They take 9 volt batteries. Go outside this spring, run around in a field or forest with friend or spouse, and re-live your youth with these nifty devices!

Five tubes; inspected, new AC cord, other was brittle. Very small dent front bottom of plastic chrome and small hairline bottom right corner almost undiscernible. Plays very well; a neat seldom seen version. And, just like Sears and Wards, Aldens contracted with radio manufacturers to create their own private branded radios. The stepped cabinet design on this radio is very unique and eye pleasing.

It still has the high gloss finish desired by all collectors. I purchased stunning little gem directly from the owner of the famous Radiophile collection Google "Radiophile antique radios" to read more. This radio plays very well because it was restored by the Radiophile master himself. This is an eight-band portable radio from the 70's put out for Alexanders department stores. It works great and has good sound for its size. Both antennas are straight.

This is a wonderful book filled with projects for the radio experimenter. Projects from building a crystal set to a three tube broadcast receiver. With diagrams and schematics. Cook and published by Allied Radio Corp.

Has tuning eye and nicely lit multi-colored dial! Kerchner and George F. This page hard cover book is in good condition. Other than the previous owner's name on the inside cover, this page hard cover book is in very good condition.

The clock face has some wear and discoloration as shown. Otherwise this set is in excellent original condition including the clock, knobs, grille cloth and finish. In addition it has been fitted with a full set of globe style tubes and a new cloth covered cord.

The radio and clock have been serviced and both work well. A beautiful example of this rarely seen table top clock radio. This is a nice American Bosch radio. It looks and sounds good. The dial lights up. The cabinet looks to have been restored. This is a two-band, six-tube, low profile model that plays well on both bands with short antenna wire. Of course, most short-wave is evenings nowadays. The back lighted tri-colored dial shows so well and the vibrant colors and red pointer really make it "pop;" pics don't do it justice, but the pics should be considered as part of the description.

Each band in its dial is color coded to match the band switch position. The chassis is broken up into two parts to isolate noise from the power supply. The lower section is for audio and power and the upper section for radio circuits. It produces a big sound because it puts out 20 watts of sound through the inch speaker. This is one of the best sounding radios we've heard.

The cabinet features light and dark contrasted veneers and a detailed inlay at the top. The recessed speaker grille provides interest to the look. Paint missing on knobs. Receives stations but hums between stations. Displays reasonably well as it is. Good label on back of speaker frame. This grand looking Georgian styled Secretary Desk hides a great sounding transistor radio.

Uses 9 volt battery. Nice cathedral styling with original grille cloth. Produces lots of clear audio. Made in Japan probably 60s This is not the cheap plastic replica made later in 90s. Works great, guaranteed as advertised. Grab one for your radio room or shop! Packaged with mounting screws. Fits narrow switches only.

Uses long wire antenna, uses ohm speaker or headphones. Three grid leak resistors and one tube replaced. Plays well for such an old radio. Rare model before Apex was sold to U. Radio or Case Co. Rebuilt chassis plays very well. This APEX three-dialer is from the model year. The cabinet was restored beautifully and is an attractive display piece.

One interstage transformer had been replaced when I bought it tests good. The other original interstage transformer has an open primary so will need to be replaced or bypassed with an RC circuit. Both original transformer cans are still installed, and I think small replacement transformers could be inserted in them. No tubes are included, but I do have them available if needed. With the exception of the previous owner's name on the inside front cover this book is in very good condition.

A real space age look. The radio plays great and the tape player is working. Good condition, page paperback. Good condition, page paperback in good condition. These directories are for years, to For that getaway cabin, or the Man's Cave.

Radio is clean and has no cracks or chips or dents or hairlines. Works well, but uses an obsolete cylindrical 9-volt type Eveready Leather case is in good shape. Near perfect condition and working very well with 9-volt battery banana clipped in. Takes "" battery, therefore will need buyer to tack in a modern 9 volt for daily operation. Includes a Hoppy Comic Book in wonderful condition, a hard back book from in very good condition and all pages, and a good legible operating booklet repro to help complete this wonderful collectible from days long gone.

Please see the last photo for the extras that compliment the working Hoppy radio. It has the original back. The paint is in overall very good condition with very few imperfections that should show in pics. Radio has been serviced and plays well across the entire dial. Freshly painted in a mint green. This has a reproduction back and has been serviced. The stamped steel cabinet has been repainted in the original ivory color.

The chassis has new capacitors, checked tubes and resistors, and the original power cord. Plays well when the attached short wire antenna is unfolded. Only 7"W x 5"H x 4"D. Can you believe it! Where does that boy get all those old chocolate brown swirled Bakelite Arvins?

Must have a 3-D machine that prints 'em. Don't you believe it! I search long and hard to find these beauties! As usual, it has been electronically reconditioned with new paper and electrolytic capacitors with all out of tolerance resistors replaced.

The five tubes are strong. If you'd like additional pictures please let me know. It's missing the "n" on the nameplate, but looks very good besides that, only a couple other scuffs on the paint.

It still has the metal protector in the back as well as you can see in the photo. Speaker hums; I haven't had any signals come through.

Original paint in good condition with only a couple of "flea-bite" nicks. Machine-age styling through and through, unusual configuration with the dial on the left and the speaker on the right. It retains its original ivory paint job, with a few nicks and dings and spots of wear that give it a nice patina -- not bad enough to repaint by any means.

The Bakelite below the paint has no chips or cracks. It's been recapped, tubes checked, aligned, and had a new dial light bulb installed. The power cord is original and is in decent condition.

It will receive my usual extremely careful and thorough packing job. This is a great chance to own an iconic little set for a very decent price. The dial is nicely lighted. The gorgeous Bakelite case surrounds the entire radio and has been hand polished with high quality polishes. Tubes are replaced as needed as well as any other defective parts. It's got that "gee whiz" look that you just don't see in boxy radios from this era.

Additionally, the tuning dial design is striking as well. The Bakelite cabinet retains its original finish with no chips, cracks or issues. The cardboard backing is in great condition. A prior owner restored the chassis and it plays great. Blake went through his usual replacement of all capacitors, out-of-tolerance resistors, power cord, bad tubes and completed an alignment for peak performance. Gary did a great job repainting this radio. A beautiful radio for any collection! Cabinet is in excellent shape.

It has been restored with all new electrolytic capacitors and all the wax capacitors have been replaced as well. Cabinet is in very good condition with a nice sound across the entire dial. Original back with tube layout in perfect condition. Though this glossy Bakelite cabinet appears jet black under all but the most intense direct light, it is actually a dark chocolate brown with subtle black swirling.

The unpainted tan control knobs are excellent. The gold patterned foil center of the tuning dial is perfect! They sit nicely on a checkerboard cutout grille. Comes with the original Masonite back in great condition. This is a really beautiful mid century clock radio that is rarely seen. It has metal steering wheel knobs and a modern silver faced clock with gold numerals. It is super clean with very little wear to the paint and it plays with clear sound.

The three grille bars are found on all Rhythm series sets. This is a four-tube set, AM only. Restored electronically, and has surprising reception for an entry level set.

Petite at 12"H x 9"W x 8"D. Chassis rebuilt and plays strong across the dial. Good wiring labels for easy hook up to your power supply. This set plays and displays superbly! It is in great condition. This radio is untested but is so nice it probably works but is a battery operated radio and comes without the six 01A type tubes.

The gloss you see on the radio is the original finish but it does have one very small amount of corrosion on the bottom of the face plate see photos. Please email me for more pictures. I have priced this set very reasonably. It does come with my usual 30 day unconditional warranty.

You probably will too, when you're Speaker is in very nice condition; minor scratches, but does not work. Radio works perfect on ohm headphones or speaker. Uses long wire antenna. Received several stations when I tested at 90V reduced voltage. Electrically repaired not restored by someone else. Solid cabinet appears professionally refinished. Grille cloth looks original; speaker excellent.

I hate to part with this beauty but I need fewer radios! The gracefully peaked front, flanked with exotic zebra-wood veneer and twisted side pilasters, combined with the Gothic-style grille cut-outs and a brass escutcheon that mimics the upper arch, puts this firmly among collector favorite radios.

It is an AC-powered seven-tube superhet covering the standard broadcast band. Like all the Atwater Kent cathedral radios, it is highly coveted by collectors. It has been restored inside and out, performs very well, needs a short wire antenna included. A complete tuneup with all new capacitors, tubes and resistors checked and replaced as needed, was performed.

The cabinet was expertly restored with nitro-cellulose lacquer and looks super; there are no veneer repairs. Grille cloth and knobs are original, speaker is original and in very good condition.

Chassis is very clean and pics are available, just email me. Aux input cable was added so you can plug in an iPod, CD player, etc. An excellent addition to any collection! Excellent original grille cloth, speaker cone, and cabinet finish.

Displays and plays super! The company had a fine reputation for making the finest radios of this era. These fine electronics were the most advanced of the early super-het era, and the factory made some of the finest cabinets as well. This example has a very nice and accurate refinished cabinet, period correct reproduction speaker cloth and factory knobs.

This particular radio has a beautiful book matched veneer front. This radio offers Broadcast reception only, as it was created before the shortwave era. The radio is a classic seven-tube super-het with automatic volume control. My technician has done an outstanding job making the repairs to the radio, and it plays great. He also added a 3. Atwater Kent first designed ignition systems in for early automobiles.

With the success of that endeavor he opened his first Pennsylvania radio factory in He produced a very high quality product and his company's reputation was very important to him, referred to as the "Cadillac of Radios. This five-tube, two-band radio SB, police has a great Art Deco design. The walnut veneers are separated with brass strips that accentuate the linear look of this radio. This radio has an older electronic restoration and plays well across the dial.

The cabinet, knobs and grille cloth are all original. On the front it has intricate inlay that sets off beautifully book-ended veneers in several different woods. The sound is just wonderful from its six tubes and a large 12" speaker. Nicely refinished wood cabinet with a new grille cloth. Original power cord in place. Weak tubes and capacitors have be replaced. Pays loud with good reception. Tune control is on the back.

There was no finer maker of this era, and the company's dedication to electronic and cabinet artistry is legendary. This model is considered to be a classic! This is another uniquely shaped set, with very detailed ornate carvings. This radio is a particularly nice example with a nice and beautiful original finish cabinet. The veneer is fine and the finish is great with few signs of use.

The radio is a five-tube model with broadcast and shortwave capabilities. My tech has done a first class repair replacing all of the aged rubber coated wire with brand new and safe wire. The radio has a very tight factory original speaker cloth and fancy wood knobs. This example has the cleanest chassis you will ever see. The tuner has been aligned, and the new power cord and plug ensure your safe operation.

My tech has added a mini-jack for your other devices which offer a tremendous number of content options. Good match for your DC radio. It works well and is in very good shape with good quality sound to make your old records sound good! Hard to find one of these nowadays! These usually have the labels in poor condition; not this baby, it's grand.

Label, "cap" and seal area very nice. Uses four "AA" batteries not included. Interior view shows it is clean and not corroded or water damaged. Operating instructions, schematics and servicing. It has 23 pages of tube set-ups for the Dyna-Jet Instructions with Tube Chart for setting up a tube test. Original, in very good condition. In , they moved into a factory and developed a radio, which debuted in , the "Five Lamper" and its peripheral "Type D" loudspeaker.

Powered from the receiver, the Five Lamper only required connection to an electrical outlet to play. This radio was also the first unit to be encased in a walnut cabinet. The cabinet was repaired. Only ID is all transistor AM on the radio itself and paper ID label inside says serial number and "Barrel shaped radio" with schematic, well made, probably from the late 60s, takes 4 penlight AA batteries, Virtually unused, only expected tarnishing of brass rings, actually adds to the look.

Very good condition, Previous owner did write his name on the cover but found no other markings inside or out. Large paperback book with pages. Chapters in the book cover such subjects as The history of Transistors and Semiconductors, Transistor functions, Comparison with electron tubes, The fundamental theory of transistors and more. It has its original paint and decal; it also has its original back which is rare.

The cabinet is in excellent condition with no cracks or chips, and the dial and dial lens are perfect. The chassis is clean and has been serviced. I listen to this radio often, as it has great reception, above average in fact. This is one of Belmont's most collectable and valuable sets, and it's rare to find one in this condition. A great addition to the best of radio collections.

The six-tube chassis has new capacitors, tubes and resistors checked and the alignment peaked. Plays well with internal loop antenna. The six pushbuttons, which do not work, have the original radio station call letters. The radio works great but can only be tuned using the side tuning dial. This Belmont is no exception; you just don't see them come up that often although we have it and a Remler "Scottie" on our site right now.

The Belmont version is a five-tube, AM only set with push-button station selectors. I will include instructions to set up the buttons to the stations in your area. The identifying tabs above each button are available online. Joe went through the chassis replacing all of the capacitors, checked resistors and tubes, replacing where necessary.

The radio was aligned and has great sensitivity and volume across the dial. We hand-polished the cabinet and put in a new grille cloth.

A really nice version of the Belmont "Scotty" for anyone's collection! Study the lines of the cabinet for a minute and you'll quickly realize it has a "layered" appearance that isn't symmetrical. This one is "investment grade" with a perfect cabinet that retains its glossy Bakelite appearance, crisp dial and original knobs.

The prior owner did an excellent chassis restoration and it plays wonderfully. It is in excellent condition with no cracks, hairlines, or repairs. The radio has been restored and plays fine. This is a very nice Catalin radio that shows extremely well. A wonderful addition to any collection. The cabinet is in decent shape, although you can observe some cracks in the wood. There is an issue with the power supply, so I haven't been able to test it, but all parts are present.

The dial is gorgeous and nicely lighted. It has a phono plug and a hi-lo tone control. It looks like Dad just got it at Woolworth's on his way home from his Wall Street office in The beautiful case surrounds the entire radio.

They don't get any nicer than this. And, this model is very difficult to find in pristine condition. The six-tube circuit and internal antenna bring in those distant stations very well. This is a heavy radio. The case has been hand polished with high quality polishes. Excellent example of this beautiful brown Bakelite AM radio from Cabinet is in wonderful condition with nicely swirled knobs.

Plays well across the entire dial. Serviced and ready to go. This is painted Bakelite and it retains the original ivory paint in excellent condition. It shows only minor wear and with no cracks. The reverse painted dial glass has some flaking at the ND in Bendix and above The chassis has been serviced and the set plays well. It is one of the best original examples you could hope to find. Overall appearance is great; no cracks, scratches, or chips. All original parts and back; all cleaned and tested.

Here we have a beautiful Bendix green and black Catalin radio. There are no cracks or chips, and the Catalin plastic has wonderful color and depth. Blake replaced all the capacitors, checked and replaced resistors and tubes where needed, and aligned the radio. This radio performs well on the AM band. This is your chance to have a top condition Catalin radio at a great price! Very good back and bottom label.

A truly stunning set with original finish!! Chassis has been serviced and hauls in the stations with great clarity and rich, room filling sound. Has original back also. I've had it in my collection for about 20 years. I will send more photos upon request. This classic functioning table radio also features an accurately working clock with lightly decorative design embellishments. The wood cabinet is in immaculate condition and frames the facade beautifully. Since this radio has been in our possession, our technician has replaced the power cord and four film capacitors.

He re-wired the radio and replaced one tube. The case was polished. This is a beautiful well mid mid century Bendix clock radio in excellent condition. It has been restored inside and out and plays well with great sound. It has been recapped as needed and tubes tested. Benrus brass clock radio from the 50's. Very solid and heavy, well made mid century radio.

Both clock and radio work. This Limited Edition and good working transistor radio was made to celebrate America's Bicentennial. The well made radio with the figures, the fife player the drummers and the American flag are all die-cast and mounted on a simulated wood case. Uses a 9 volt battery not included. The Blabber Mouse AM radio is in like new condition with the original box. When tuned to a station his mouth moves to words or music.

Requires four "AA" batteries not included. Has very clean and powerful output. Modified with a auxiliary cooling fan for extra cooling and reliability. Enough power to rattle your bones at volume setting 2 of Very nice cosmetic condition. With dial stringing instructions and full schematics. Published by The Ronald Press. Covering subjects such as: Hard cover with pages, in good condition. Hard Back, 94 Pages.

Hard Cover, pages. Hardback, good condition, pages. This book describes thousands of items to help you identify them when working in the field of radio, TV and electronics; with many photos, too. This manual is plastic spiral bound with clear plastic cover front and back.

Robinson , pages, hardcover, in good condition with dust cover. In near new condition. Published by Citizens Radio Service Bureau Covers; American broadcasting stations and their state of origion at the time, a map of the world, foreign broadcasting stations. Construction articles, pictures and schematics of the radios of the day such as The Marcodyne receiver, The Elkay Tube Equalizor System, Crosley four- and five-tube sets, Browning-Drake.

Pictures of various broadcasters and radio intertainers from the time. A clear, complete look at CMOS. This easy-to-follow text is targeted for beginning to intermediate level users.

Covers the latest CMOS series of devices and subfamilies: Requires just a minimum of math. By Max Alth, Third printing by C. A reference and study guide on all phases of the operation, maintenance and repair of color television receivers. Large paperback, pages. De France, , pages. Hardcover, in good condition. Published by Parker Pub. In reading this book you'll find your way through even the most difficult diagrams with ease. Simple step by step explanations of more than electronic circuits for all types of electronic equipment.

Large 9x11, page loose leaf spiral bound book. Stewart Gillmor, published by Princeton University Press Dial Cord Stringing Guide, Vol. These diagrams cover most early model radios from to October These diagrams cover most early model radios and television receivers from through mid Excellent near new condition, pages.

Wire bound with clear plastic cover and vinyl back. Hard cover published by McGraw Hill , pages. And a lot more. Good with no marking. Hardback, gold-stamped lettering on maroon. Hard Back, pages. Gilli, , hardcover, pages, good condition. This is a hard cover book with pages that is showing very little wear. This is a page paperback which is designed to teach electronics. The series is designed logically organized to fit the learning process. This page hardcover book has been slightly and in very good condition.

Published by Thomas Sams This is a good clean used hard cover book that is in very good condition with pages. There are no markings on its pages, very clean and well cared for. Published by Reston Publishing In very good condition. Published by McGraw-Hill The book is in very good condition, but strangely it has been attached to its cover upside down and in reverse.

Like new condition, hard cover, 1st edition, pages. Field and Peter N. Stamped several places by previous owner. Published by Doubleday Hard cover, in very good condition with pages. Rider and Seymour D. Uslan, First Ed. This is a very large 9" x 11" page hard cover book. Shows some wear on the cover but all pages are clear and tightly bound. Rider and Donald F. This page book is a hard cover book with a good dust jacket and is in excellent near new condition. The purpose of this booklet is to give the reader a full and complete understanding of the theory of transistors, their characteristics, limitations and their potentials.

Complete operating instructions, service instructions with schematics. Good clear laser copy, wire bound with clear plastic cover and vinyl back. Tocci, published by Merrill, First edition, first printing. First edition second printing Hawkins Electrical Guide No.

By Tom Jaski, Published by Gernsback Library. Very good condition hardback, pages. Published by McGraw Hill A unified approach to communication systems. This book is intended to serve as a textbook for a senior-level systems course in electrical engineering emphasizing the fundamental role of system bandwidth and noise.

This is a reference book that deals with radio communication and of interest it says to the professional and amateur radio operator, experimenters as well as listeners of radio broadcasting. The books includes application data in the use of the latest in the industry. This text is designed to be used as an introductory course in Electrical Engineering.

It represents the efforts of the authors to produce a book which has a modern and direct approach to the study of electrical engineering. In good condition with no markings. This school taught subjects on Aviation Radio: Has photos of the school classrooms with equipment, graduation pictures, job placements by name, , , , Published by McGraw-Hill.

Large page paperback in good condition. A wealth of information on basic theory, design, construction on AM circuits, FM circuits, phono pickups, audio amps and a lot more. Graf and published by Thomas Sams. When checking I find only the previous owners name inside first page. Graf and Published by H. Has some yellow highlighting thru the pages. Like new condition, hard cover, , pages. National Electrical Code Handbook 18th Ed. Hard cover, average wear, pages. Naval Electrician's Text Book, Vol.

Name inside cover but good condition.. This book is a departure from the established practice, as it's written for the general public and describes discoveries which do not yet form a part of orthodox science. The phenomena involved are baffling and appear to be at variance with many known facts that science will have to expand its present frontiers considerably.

Published by Master Pub. This book covers Novice and Technician Class Theory. Like new, page paperback. First edition, published by Vantage Press Signed by the author. Paperback showing hundreds of pictures of vintage telephones, their value and manufacturer information. This page paperback Buyers Guide is filled with information on World Band radios, comparative ratings and photos of many of the table top receivers on the market, a listing of frequencies from around the world and how to locate them.

Chock full of interesting articles and information for the novice as well as experienced DX'ers. Police Call Radio Guide Vol. TAB books, first edition, first printing Includes tube and band count information and variations wherever possible. The author also provides important information about identification, grading and valuation in addition to historic insights.

This is a brand new copy in perfect condition. Values are dated, but this is still an excellent reference for identifying that vintage set. Published by McGraw Hill. Published by Prentice-Hall, fourth printing Photos and good clear instructions, tools, preparations, reworking unsatisfactory joints, soldering printed circuits and more.

Paperback in good condition. Quartertly Transactions of the American Inst. Many authors such as W. Shackelton, Harold Norinder, Middleton A. Wood and others contributed to this publication. Fourth Edition, Edited by F. Reproduced by RCA; pages. This handbook has been prepared especially for the radio set designer, but found invaluable to radio engineers, experimenters and service technicians. Hardback book in like new condition, pages.

Edition is in good condition with a solid binding, without any tears, dog ears or writing inside. Published by International Textbook Co. Hardback, cloth cover, approx. Radio Electronic Circuits No. Terman, Third edition, Second edition, published by McGraw Hill Previous owners stamped name inside cover board. All pages are clear and clean. Horning, published by McGraw Hill Hard cover pages.

Some writing on inside cover otherwise it's in good condition. Published by John F. In very good condition with a solid binding, no torn pages or dog ears.

Some writing on the first otherwise blank cover page. Goldsmith, published by The Wireless Press Inc. Some edge wear on the boards but consider it to be in good condition. Large Paperback 44 pages, good condition. A lot of information on vacuum tubes of the day like tube ratings and technical description of tube types.

An aid for the research, development, production and operation of radio. Small page cloth bound book, has some markings in the note section but all the pages are clean. This very large book was written by professionals and is primarily a compilation of equations, graphs, tables and similar data frequently needed in general design. Good condition with dust cover. Published by NASA, good clear instructions, 54 pages. Published by Scientific American Publishing Co.

Leather bound, pages, good. The cover has a repair. No page markings all good thru-out, Has pages. Paperback pages, good condition. Bureau of Naval Personnel, July For many years the has been a must for every serviceman, the standard VOM for industrial application and the right hand of most lab technicians.

Surprisingly few know of how many uses there are for the ; this book's intention is to show many more applications for your use.

Churchman , Hardback, pages good condition. Large loose leaf binder, heavy vinyl cover. This book has been written for the reader who seeks to learn something of electrical principles but who is dependent upon his own efforts to obtain and make use of the necessary information. It is hoped it will not only be of use to those who have yet to take the first step towards an electrical carrier, but also to the practical electrician who has had little opportunity to gain a proper theoretical foundation for his work.

Hardcover, good dust cover. Tinnell, second edition. The Bliley Electric Co. Bliley, this short history of a gentleman who made an inpact in the world of radio communication manufacturing quartz crystals. His business started in his parents basement in the early 's. Still in business after more then 70 years as Bliley Technologies, Inc.

First edition, , This very rare page book is in good condition, tight binding, no tears or dog ears. Ex-library book, moderate wear. Adams, First Edition, First Printing. Published by TAB Books