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It claims that the indigenous patronage of portraiture […]. The essays assembled for this special issue reflect in microcosm current larger research and archival work and are thus able to place the work of the artist, hitherto discussed mostly in an ethnographic context, into an already globalized framework shaped by transcultural contacts.

This paper analyzes Flores' book at the textual and at the visual level, for the first time uncovering […]. This paper examines the ways Mies van der Rohe has dealt with the phenomenon of mechanization of all areas of human life, that ever since the mid-twenties was becoming an increasingly controversial political issue. To represent their work at major programmatic exhibitions, Hans Scharoun, Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe chose single-person homes and apartments.

This type of structure was conceived specifically to accommodate the lifestyle of a modern nomad […]. The special issue focuses on new research perspectives on the architectural and interior design discourses of modernity.

This article aims to investigate the possible terms and conditions that Mark Rothko imposes on the encounter between painting and viewer, especially concerning the paintings he made for the Houston Chapel, also called the Rothko Chapel, in The Orphists were fascinated by the technological progress of the modern world.

The article analyzes the loss of interest in the study of human anatomy through dissection of cadavers that characterizes the Baroque period, and that distinguishes the Baroque from the Renaissance and from Neoclassicism.

The paper analyses the diminishment of the importance of the medieval tower houses in Trogir caused by social, political, and economic changes as well as by the urban development and the changes in the city defence system.

This article discusses the ways in which society has dealt with and deals with the graves of soldiers who were sentenced to death by military jurisdiction during the Nazi regime. Until the German reunification, public perception of the graves and cemeteries of Russian prisoners of war has been rather marginal in both German states, in Europe and in the Soviet Union. Dieses Seminar ist für Ausbildungskandidatinnen im Fachspezifikum Integrative Therapie als Wahlpflichtfach anrechenbar.

State of the Art: Wir freuen uns, Ihnen den aktuellen Newsletter der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Essstörungen zu präsentieren. Der aktuelle Schwerpunkt fokussiert auf "Adipositas und Essstörungen". Karin Waldherr, Vizepräsidentin der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Essstörungen und Vorstandsmitglied des Netzwerks Essstörungen, hielt bei der vom "Therapiezentrum intakt" am Essstörungen in den verschiedenen Lebensphasen" einen Vortrag über "Essstörungen in den Wechseljahren und danach".

The conferences are always organised to a very high level with much thought given to both the academic and social content of the meetings. Often, this appears to happen over coffee during a break in proceedings, or in the evenings at a social gathering or in a local hostelry.

A casual observer, eavesdropping on a conversation, might be surprised to hear passionate debate taking place about an aspect of treatment or diagnosis or core understandings around epidemiology or causative factors in the world of eating disorders. And so, important relationships are both formed and maintained, and colleagues from all over the world yes, ECED meetings are often peopled by those from other hemispheres! This year, in the splendid setting of the Bristol Hotel in central Oslo , it was no exception.

The stunning National Norwegian Opera House, where we gathered for the first evening was a delight, and many took the opportunity to walk on the roof! Then, on Friday and Saturday — we got down to the real business. Chat at a voluntary service for eating disorders and finally, David Clinton SE presenting on An interpersonal perspective on new technologies. These two research giants gave it their all and in my mind, it was like watching a academic clash of the Titans.

Judging by the debate among participants that followed, I somehow believe we will be returning to this topic again, and again. Hubert showed how this could be achieved by aiming toward firstly, retaining the patient in treatment by deliberately putting weight gain, as a specific goal, to one side.

Thereafter direct attention is given to working at improvement of quality of life, harm minimisation, and avoidance of a sense of failure. This is no easy task, but it was clearly demonstrated this could be achieved with some effort. Day two opened with a plenary session and we heard excellent presentations on Recent Clinical Studies from Ivan Eisler UK speaking on Multi-family therapy for adolescent anorexia nervosa: Ably chaired by Hubert Lacey UK , both presented strong and compelling arguments and much debate followed among the participants.

The result, when it came to a vote though, was overwhelmingly against the motion. The afternoon was firstly covered by another round of diverse concurrent sessions followed by the final plenary session on Comorbidity and Therapeutic Implications.

The final date is to be confirmed, but as usual will take place in the autumn. We also had requests to have 3 debates at future ECED meetings; have poster presentations, as this allows many to attend who cannot otherwise get funding; case presentations; more presentations on how to treat EDNOS and a consideration for future meetings to be budgeted at a cheaper cost to all.

We are very much looking forward to ECED coming to Germany for the first time in and also to the exciting prospect of meeting new colleagues from other areas when we meet in Vilnius in Once again, the bar has been set quite high but there is little doubt that there will be a lot of competition for attendance at ECED in Heidelberg.

Warm regards, Gerry Butcher, Dublin Ireland. September in Oslo, Norwegen statt. Eröffnet wurde die Konferenz bei der Welcome Reception am Abend des Die zwei weiteren Konferenztage beinhalteten drei Plenarsitzungen, zwei Debatten, eine State of the Art Präsentation sowie an jedem Kongresstag vier Parallelsitzungen mit jeweils drei Vorträgen.

The potential for success. Bei schweren Essstörungen sollte das Ziel der Therapie nicht direkt die Heilung, sondern die Verbesserung der Lebensqualität, die Aufrechterhaltung der therapeutischen Beziehung, Schadensminimierung und Vermeidung von Rückschlägen sein.

Die jeweils vier Parallelsitzungen, die von internationalen ExpertInnen am Freitag und Samstag vorgetragen wurden, behandelten biologische, diagnostische, persönlichkeitsbezogene, störungsspezifische und therapeutische Aspekte sowie Komorbiditäten bei Essstörungen. Die Konferenz wurde durch das Rahmenprogramm am Freitagabend mit einem Banquet im Gamle Lodge, dem ältesten Veranstaltungs- und Kulturzentrum der Stadt, perfekt abgerundet.

Diese Konferenz war, wie bereits in den vergangenen Jahren, eine gelungene Veranstaltung, die eine Plattform für viele anregende Gespräche, Präsentationen und Diskussionen zwischen internationalen ExpertInnen darstellte.

Wir freuen uns schon auf das Mal fand der Kongress Essstörungen vom Dieser Kongress wird von Univ. Seit dem ersten Kongress ist er auch für Betroffene und Angehörige zugänglich, damals noch ein Novum. Damit gelang es, in dreifacher Weise einen Meilenstein zu setzen: Die verwandten, aber oft nicht gemeinsam diskutierten Krankheiten Essstörungen und Adipositas wurden in ihren Berührungspunkten gezeigt.

Weiters leistete dieser Kongress einen Beitrag zur Vernetzung und dem gegenseitigen Austausch wichtiger Stakeholder, die bisher eher nur nebeneinander arbeiteten: Europäische Forum der PatientInnen- und Angehörigenorganisationen ebenfalls die Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention in den Mittelpunkt und präsentierte Initiativen ihrer Organisationen europaweit, v.

Jugendliche stürzen sich oft in Diäten oder ungesunde Gewichtskontrollpraktiken, um abzunehmen oder nicht zuzunehmen. Andererseits sind Essstörungsexpert innen sehr besorgt über die zunehmende Häufigkeit von Diäten und die damit verbundenen Gefahren, da gilt: Ohne Diät keine Essstörung!

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