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Beratung nach veränderter Rechtslage z. Ein Rechtsstreit mit der Versicherungsgesellschaft hat keine Erfolgsaussichten, da die Wünsche des Versicherten gesetzlich geschützt sind.

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Kinder sind unsere Zukunft, ganz real und konkret. Der Sonntag klang mit dem Das Kinderfestwochenende mit Neifeier, Kinder- und Marktfest hat auch in diesem Jahr gezeigt, dass es aus dem Veranstaltungskalender der Stadt nicht wegzudenken ist.

Insofern darf man zurecht stolz auf ein Fest sein, dass es in dieser Art weit und breit so nicht mehr gibt. Weitere Fotos gibt es im Internet unter www. Peter Tischer Kontakt zum Autor. Schlagwort zu Meine Themen hinzufügen. Sie haben bereits von 15 Themen gewählt. Beim Kreisschwimmfest in Neustadt nahmen erstmals weniger Schüler als in den Vorjahren teil. Das erste gemeinsame Festival von Neustadt und Sonneberg ist eröffnet.

Die Förderzusage kam von der Regierung von Oberfranken. Über die Höhe die Höhe kursieren verschiedene Aussagen. Seit zehn Jahren gibt es in Neustadt und Rödental die Sicherheitswacht. Drei "Gründungsmitglieder" erhalten jetzt eine Auszeichnung. Der achte G8-Jahrgang am Arnoldgymnasium wird feierlich verabschiedet.

Den Neustadter Samaritern macht vor allem der Fachkräftemangel in der Pflege zu schaffen. Landwirte informieren in der Coburger Altstadt Lieferung einer Rolltreppe Kunststück und Ausstellung Olbrich Bitte aktivieren Sie Ihr Javascript. Coburg Und so feiert Neustadt! Es geht auch ohne Schickimicki: Das Kinderfest ist und bleibt der Nationalfeiertag der Stadt.

I think I fell off the plant. Or at least slipped out of the bloggersphere like I was slipping on….. Because you know we age faster then our children! Of course so many things have happened and changed over the last while since the last time I graced this blog with my ever flowing words of nonsense and wisdom! Yes, I said wisdom! Too many things to try to relay to you in detail so bullet points seem to be the best option.

But really I want to find my words again. A place that surrounds me like the warm fuzzy blanket that I like to steal from my daughter. April 12th, under Gun Safety , Pondering. Let me take you back to when I was a kid. Ok, maybe more of a more grown up kid. Still a kid in a grown ups body with huge expectations of the future, no idea how much work it would take to realize those dreams, and how fast I would refocus those dreams to include time for chocolate cake and the Lifetime channel.

I lived about 45 minutes from this amazing place and, to my family, it was one of the best things that happened to us all. So many memories were shared there… all of them good. Hay we are human and all female… Need I say more? She seemed so tiny swimming along side her massive mother during all the shows, sometimes mimicking the jumps the other whales would do.

Another great attraction that Sea World San Antonio had back then, and they still have, was concerts. Close enough to the stage to see the great artists but far enough away to not get smushed by the crowd. We would take turns hanging out on the map while the others in our group would go walking around and enjoying the sites and sometimes hitting the penguin hut for a little shade and relief from the heat. We saw some of the greats there, at least on the country music side of great.

And many, many others. It would have been nice to say I saw them when they were just an opener. How cool would that make me?? Sea World San Antonio still carries an exciting concert schedule every year and even though the big painted map is gone, with Celebration Cove sitting in its place, my memories of that time in my life will never fade.

To check out some of their upcoming events including concerts and other special events check out this LINK. In between seeing all the wonderful aquatic shows and waiting the endless hours till the concerts would start another great place we would visit was the Boardwalk.

Its still there too after all these years! My mom won that one to the mortification of the man!! He was a cocky SOB till my mom walked up. With my boy friend of 5 years in tow Yes, 5 years or so with the same guy.

I was in luuubbb. He was a pro and could usually knock over all three bottles with one bag. He played baseball in high school. Almost every time we would go he would knock round after round of bottles over winning me little stuffed animals that I eventually upgraded for bigger prizes. And the large prizes of choice were stuffed penguins!!! By the time we finally broke up years later I had an entire penguin family.

And all those years of visiting the park, and seeking out some air conditioning, has also instilled a lifetime love When I say love I mean squealing like a school girl, giggling, jumping up and down like an embarrassing freak in public when I see one type of love. I remember practically living in the penguin hut staring longingly at them as they would dart in and out of the water. Looking for the one little guy that was the spunkiest and naming him Fred. In between racing from stadium to stadium to make sure we saw each show we would always make time to stop in and see the penguins…several times a day.

That is where my life long love of penguins started and its never dwindled. April 20th, under Sea World San Antonio. And I will never fall for one of those ridiculous schemes. And I use UPS, like half of the free world. Could it be real?

But in the past I have received some pieces of spam that have used official looking postal signatures and they turned out to be phishing scams.

So I did what every soul with a smart phone should do. I turned off my WIFI and clicked on the link. And there they were! If you see an email that looks like this one I would just delete it for safety. If you have a package coming it will arrive without you risking your personal information to find a tracking number. Also, for those of you who use Outlook, you may want to be sure the email is properly deleted and not sitting in your saved trash mailbox.

March 25th, under Inbox Wonders. I want to take you all back to a little adventure that I was blessed with way, way, way back in November of So ya, a LONG time ago. But you see, in my defense…. That November I received an invitation to spend the night, slumber party style, with a group of women that at the time were all strangers.

The only thing we all had in common was that we were moms and for some reason we caught the attention of SeaWorld San Anton i o and the wonderful founders of The Motherhood CooperMunroe and EmilyMcKhann to take a walk on the Wildside!

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