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Green initiatives are disasters says Christopher Booker

It was abolished in Sweden in , in Denmark in , and in Germany in


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Their feet will be sans-worms in no time. Latin America and the Caribbean: I, along with hundreds of thousands of visitors to Dominican Republic have taken a daily walk on the beach, for the last 10 years. I have never seen or heard of this affliction, in all that time, but there are some general common sense precautions that travellers to foreign countries should take. Beaches, including the Great Lakes, as well as the popular Caribbean beaches tend to be more crowded where facilities are offered, restaurants, hotels and other crowd pleasing delights.

In those busy built up and developed areas, like in Toronto, and the so-called best beach in the world, Sarasota, there are natural storm water run-off channels that bring down water from the city across the beach. Some contain more than storm water, and are best stepped over! I have seen folks walking through these natural drains in bare feet, even choosing that area to swim. Also, not a good idea to swim with your mouth open, on crowded beaches, even in the hotel pool.

Use bottled water for teeth brushing! But, unfortunately, some always do! There are a myriad of natures nasties that can sneak into your body, at any one of a number of places, some rather intimate, and cause mild to life threatening effects. Japan is a country that'll surprise you so much, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you've arrived in another country. It's not difficult to see why Venice is called the world's most beautiful city.

Experience the finest it has to offer in this full high definition drone video. Montenegro, the "Balkan Pearl", is riddled with stunning natural and cultural landscapes. Come take a look at this stunning photo series!

The USA is home to loads of scenic train routes that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy together. Here are 8 of the very best! The following 10 parks will expose you to vastly different landscapes, however, no one leaves without being struck by the power and beauty of Croatian nature.

Cuba is a wonderful island that has a rich culture and history. Here are 10 great tourist destinations to visit in this spectacular country. In this article, you'll find 17 fun and weird facts about the United States of America. Here's a website that can show you places around the world with so much detail you'll really feel like you're there.

Even if you've already visited Thailand, the following 12 places, will make you want to go again Lithuania is a truly remarkable country and these photos prove it! A visit to a sea cave guarantees sights you won't see every day, so get to know the 10 most beautiful sea caves in the world, which beg to be visited..

Over 8 million tourists visit Hawaii each year and this stunning drone footage reveals why it's such a popular tourist destination. If you ever find yourself in Canada, here are ten places that you really should consider paying a visit to.

You won't regret it! Finland has a reputation for being a winter wonderland, but there's much more to the country than that.

Here are the top 10 attractions to enjoy in Finland. Famous for its unique scenery with dramatic mountains, untouched beaches, and a vast sea, Norway's Lofoten Archipelago will absolutely take your breath away. We're all familiar with the UK's world-class cities, but have you considered the day tours that you can take from them? Here are six of the best in the country. When planning a vacation, no matter how exotic the destination seems, what we want isn't always what we get If you are planning a trip there is no reason to limit yourself.

The following 12 destinations are great for those over 60! There are many spectacular bays around the world, but these are just the most beautiful of all. So here's the top 10, in all its glory. Ever wish that you could travel back in time to see what Japan was like over a century ago?

If so, you're in luck! Check this amazing video out! Latvia is one of the most unique countries in Eastern Europe, with its beautiful natural landscapes. Explore Latvia with these 14 recommended destinations! Germany has many large and respectable cities, but none are like Trier - the first city established in the country. Tour the city through these wonderful pictures. To return Click Here. Instead of manually entering the email addresses you want to send to each and every time, you can now create your own personalized contact list that will be available for you to use any time you want to share one of our posts with your friends and family.

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Share Join Us Share Send to friends. Our wonderful planet has so many wonders to explore. However, there are some places that are too protected, too dangerous, or too special to visit. Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City Housed in a heavily protected area of the Vatican are 53 miles of shelves containing documents relating to the Catholic Church, dating back to the 8 th century.

Like Send to friends Share WhatsApp. Sign Up Free Get our finest posts sent directly to your inbox. You may also like: When, for example, the Somerset Levels suffered serious flooding in , it emerged that this was not just a freak of nature. For 18 years, the local rivers and drainage ditches had not been dredged by the Environment Agency, with the deliberate intention of keeping more water flooding out on to the Levels, to provide a habitat for birds and other wildlife.

With bitter irony, it also resulted in the drowning of huge numbers of the birds, badgers and other creatures the conservationists had wanted to save. Apart from the way these eyesores have come to dominate parts of our landscape, studies have shown the shocking damage the windmills do to birds and bats, including species such as golden eagles, which are supposed to be protected by law. Conservationists claim the wind industry has a vested interest in covering up the true extent of bird deaths.

It is high time his boss realised just how chillingly right he was. Our politicians have been allowed to get away with all this make-believe for so long that few people noticed some startling figures published a few weeks ago at the time of the Budget, by the Office of Budget Responsibility. When we consider that colossal sum, most of us may well conclude that our politicians must have gone completely off their heads.

Except that, alas, our MPs live in such a bubble of unreality that few will even have looked at those terrifying figures, let alone at what they are allowing our money to be spent on. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. My Profile Logout Login. Tuesday, Sep 11th 5-Day Forecast. Green initiatives are disasters says Christopher Booker From killer diesel fumes to ruinous floods, every green initiative imposed on us by politicians has ended in disaster Share this article Share.

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