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However, in certain circumstances, the visitor may opt to share their email address with AddThis to facilitate the services. These email addresses are not used for online behavioral advertising. Can visitors to my website opt out of interest based advertising facilitated by AddThis? Visitors can easily opt out of interest based advertising facilitated by the AddThis tools at any time using the AddThis opt out.

This opt out will prevent advertisers from receiving any data about the opted-out visitors. This will also prevent you from learning about the interests of these visitors, as well as personalizing your content or services for them. What sort of reports will I receive and how can I use them? We provide you with analytics reports we create using aggregate data. For example, if you want to know how many people shared content on your site, we can assign a randomly generated ID to each web browser and count them.

In addition, we can use aggregated browsing data to tell you whether the people most likely to share your pages to their friends are sports fans. This allows you to better understand your visitors and better tailor your site and its content for their needs and interests. How do I let my visitors know I am using tools that may collect data for the purposes of interest based advertising? You are required to provide any legally required notices, such as privacy policy language, banners or overlays, to alert your visitors to the use of cookies.

You must also allow your visitors to opt out of data collection for the purposes of interest based advertising. You can provide one of the following links in your privacy policy to comply with this opt out requirement:. The data you provide to us may be transferred on a global basis. We will transfer this data to countries including the United States where data protection laws may differ from those in the originating country.

Transfers of personal information to countries outside the European Economic Area will be subject to the requirements of the European Union Standard Contractual Clauses. What types of data will AddThis not accept? AddThis may, at our sole discretion, decline to receive your data.

We prohibit you from sending us any data that has been collected from websites directed towards children under the age of 13 or any data that is sensitive, as defined under data protection laws or self-regulatory codes. We also will not accept any data that is pornographic or indecent. What advertising industry groups is AddThis a member of? Read more about our industry and self-regulatory partnerships. Share Buttons Make your content shareable with just one click.

Follow Buttons Build your audience one fan at a time. Innovation ist der Antrieb den wir mögen. Um uns immer wieder neu zu erfinden, brauchen wir Sie. Dieser Satz prägt unsere tägliche Arbeit im Team und in der Kommunikation. Wir lieben Ihr Feedback. Und freuen uns auf jede Frage. Wollen Sie uns etwas sagen? Kontakt aufnehmen Kunden die uns vertrauen Was sagt Hamburg über uns?

In der hauseigenen Bäckerei kreieren wir für Sie Köstlichkeiten aus regionalen Zutaten. Und sagt die Welt da draussen? Auch dieses Jahr ist wieder Muttertag? Diese Frage wiederholt sich. Für alle die es nicht wissen: Kommen Sie zu uns. Egal ob per Telefon, per Mail oder persönlich. Konditorei Fastert seit über Jahren leidenschaftliche Handwerks- und Familientradition Mehr erfahren Was gibt es bei uns?

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