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Are DoTERRA Essential Oils a Scam?

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Health Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

Please do not use anything on your cat but therapeutic grade oils that are backed by a vet! Cats are sensitive to most synthetically made products and "natural products" as well as some essential oils. Even if we don't know about it! I say that because a lot of us have sensitivities to food, household cleaners and, hair and skin products.

But we don't recognize it because most of us are just not that tuned into our bodies and our environment. Often times, we only recognize a change, when we stop using a product or eating a particular food item! Seriously, where is your pet when you bomb the house full of synthetic air fresheners, household cleaners or carpet cleaner?

They are right there with us breathing it in and taking it in! Honestly, this is not good for us and NOT good for our pets. They are half our size or less, yet their bodies have to tolerate a huge amount of man made toxicity. I seriously believe that many of the health problems we are having along with our pets is a toxicity issue.

But there is something we can do about it! Make a commitment to using green cleaning supplies and diffusing healthy essential oils in our home and work place for ourselves and our pets. Notice, I don't say natural, because natural these days pretty much means anything goes! So, check what you are putting on your animal and make sure it's not hurting them rather than helping them! Essential oils are a perfect solution for us and our animals.

Use essential oils for cats, dogs, horses and any other living creature. There are certain oils that we can not use on certain animals, cats included, so please do be careful and learn the ins and outs.

Cats metabolize and excrete things very differently than the rest of the animal family. The reason behind this is the cats liver. It does not have the liver enzymes to break down certain chemical as effectively as the rest of us, and sometimes it can't do it at all!

When the liver and the body does not recognize a substance, as with most synthetic compounds, it immediately stores it somewhere until it can figure out what to do with it!

This leads to toxicity and extreme imbalances of the body. For cats it can be a slow build up over time and toxicity may led to illness , or it can be so quick that it leads to death, so please be cautious. By the way, while humans and other animals do not have to be this cautious, the toxicity issues result in the same problems! Animals can not tell us what they are feeling and they are constantly bombarded with our lifestyle choices. So we must learn to look for and recognize the signs and symptoms of toxicity in our animals!

There are several more as well. My dog, Lexie, has a hard time going up the stairs and doesn't really want to eat when she had something that didn't agree with her. Cats seem to have a disregard for strong odors and definitely have thin skin. So again, when you are diffusing oils in your home, remember your pets. Also make sure you use the oil correctly and with high dilution.

This is not always necessary for most young or healthy cats, but it does help any cat so therefore it is recommended. First, let's start with the essential oils for cats that we should use with caution.

Meaning make sure these oils are diluted; and if you have a cat with liver issues, choose an oil that has similar properties that does not challenge the liver to such an extent.

Cats are particularly sensitive to a group of oxygenated compounds called ketones and phenols , and some monoterpenes. It is the thujone content in ketones and carvacal in phenols that seem to create most of the problems when not used with enzymes. Carvacrol is a byproduct of d-limonene which is found in all citrus fruits and in many tree oils. Examples of essential oils for Cats that should should be used with caution meaning highly diluted are shown below.

I say cautiously because all of single oils are fine when used in a professionally made therapeutic blends or supplements more below ; and when used correctly! And just as with humans, each animal's chemistry and blood type is different so the response is different! Please note that I have performed Raindrop Technique on cats which include many of these oilsso there are many factors to evaluate when using essential oils for cats.

Here is a list of single oils that I use infrequently or not at all with cats in particular: Once again, any blends that contain these oils I do use. I did not give you that list to scare you, but to provide you with more information. When we have good information it is easier for us to make better choices for our self as well as our pet.

My husband and I have never used essential oils, and want to diffuse them in the air and eventually apply them topically. For diffusing, other than making sure the room is well ventilated, do you have any other advice? We plan to defuse the oils in our bedroom, which is not very big, and the baby will be in the room with us. I checked out the gentle oil list above and have decided to get Lavender.

If you do diffuse, do so away from her and only diffuse gentle oils. In a few months it will be great to diffuse some oils that promote sleep like cedarwood, serenity, etc. Hi, I have a 6 month old and just purchased serenity to hopefully help him sleep again! I have the diffuser. How to use Vetiver on baby too? My baby is a light sleeper. She wakes up easily and didnt sleep through the night. Wakes up every 3 hours. Hi, i have a 7yr and a 3 yr can i apply on gard 2 times a day on chest, back and feet?

Or is it too much? Inhave been doing it since december, do inhave to stop or keep doing it? Im relly happy because they are super healthy, i dont want to stop. And is it ok tonise serenity on them without dilute? Are they too young to use it direct? It is fine to use the oils daily on their feet. Thanks for sharing common baby issues and solutions. Know about awesome ways to use extra virgin organic coconut oil for these issues at — smoilie. He has been crying not sleeping well and puts his little finger in bottom gums a lot.

Which essential oil is best to use to put directly on gums. They are too powerful. I diluted 1 drop of Clove in 1oz of vegetable glycerin and used that for my little one. Always try it on yourself first. Mom is getting a decent amount of breastmilk and we give it to her in a bottle.

I have a two month baby girl and am thinking of using doterra oils diluted in a shea butter to use on my tummy. Hoping to minimize the many stretchmarks. I understand that my body will absorb and as I am nursing will get into breastmilk. Is it safe for baby? Hi, I have a 5 month old baby and used the breathe diluted with coconut oil.

Will there be any side effects after one time use? I am not an expert, but all the advise I have heard is to dilute always and bottom of feet is fine. I have a 6 week old who starts fussing after a few minutes of trying to feed.

I have to pump and provide it via bottle. He takes the bottle easier. Is here any oil to relax us both so he could possibly feed easier? Nat, I would probably choose Serenity. Try applying some to your own shirt, just a tiny bit, before feeding. I have a 6 month old who suffers from allergies. She is constantly rubbing her eyes and nose. I have lemon and lavender oil and am wondering how I can apply or diffuse them to help her.

Not an expert but from everything I have researched dilute 1 drop each and apply to bottom of feet. I would say only 1 or 2 times a day. What are your thoughts on this? What is the purpose of using vegetable glycerin when diluting clove oil for teething? I care for a 3 month old and have an 8 month old, I would like to put a drop or two of lavender on my thier plushie toys.

I was wondering if I would still need to dilute if I use on on thier toys? Also, do you sell pre diluted oils? Thank you in advance. Tanya, I did not dilute for their toys with super gentle oils like Lavender.

Just one drop should be fine. My 9 mo old grand daughter has thrush in her mouth. Can I use melelueca and olive oil to rub on her tongue and lips? That is a systematic issue. I would not use that oil in her mouth personally. Grapefruit seed extract is a better option. But definitely use oils on her feet and cut all sugar and grains. Can I do a drop each of lemon, tea tree, and eucalyptus in a roller ball for a sinus blend for my 16 month-old, or is it only safe if I mix those 3 drops with 3T of carrier, then put some of that diluted blend in a rollerball?

Thank you for the wonderful information. How much of the carrier oil should I use to dilute the frankincense and maleuluca for respiratory support?

Thanks for all the helpful info! If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: Peace is wonderful for children of any age and very safe. Motivate is safe too but because it contains peppermint can be strong for tiny babies. Just so its gentler for them. Hello, I just recently purchased the dotters on guard roll on , it said it to dilute since it was already diluted, and I put some on my 3 and 5 year old chest,back, feet and I think I put to much so I took them a bath and washed it off..

When I read that peppermint and eucalyptus were dangerous it freaked me out. Now I feel like I put my kid in danger or something. I washed it off within 30 mins but now I feel like I messed up..

Sabrina — First, oils go into our blood stream within 20 seconds so washing it off didnt do a lot. If you ever use too much or its too strong then add coconut oil to dilute it further. Water can make it worse. That said, On Guard is totally safe for your 3 and 5 year old. It may be a little strong for the skin on the chest depending on their sensitivity — but the bottom of the feet is always a good idea.

For the chest try gentler oils like Frankincense and Melaleuca. Dilute according to my recommendations and it will be fine. You are doing great!!! Oils are safe an so helpful for kiddos. I see that Oregano is not recommended in babies. I have done this only once. Is this safe to do? This winter on top of his first year of daycare has been really rough on him. He has been sick with respiratory issues monthly since October.

I have been diffusing lavendar in my room and my 5 year olds room for about 3 years. I only use it at bedtime. Is that too much to be diffusing around her? What recommendations can you give for nursing mom with allergies? Specifically excess drainage and throat closing up at night? Thank you so much! My son is 4 months old. He has had sinus problems since day 1 of being born. I have just started diffusing drops of Breathe in my bedroom where he sleeps- my diffuser is on the opposite side of the room of where his crib is.

I got it from a consultant and she thought it would ok to diffuse around him. My 7 months son has eczema so I want to try to use EO applying on the bottom of the feet to balance his immune system.

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